Low Carb Pancakes & Waffeln | Low Carb Transformation

Low Carb Waffles & Low Carb Pancakes Recipe

Low Carb Waffeln & Low Carb Pancakes “gekocht” von Julian und Alina für euch, viel Spaß beim Zuschauen & nachkochen. 🙂

In this video, Julian Zietlow and Chef Alina cook pancakes and waffles together. Of course everything is based on low carb and high protein. A low carb diet does not always have to be boring and monotonous, but you can cook in a lo carb also varied and delicious! A low carb diet offers delicious and enjoyable moments with a little imagination. In addition, a low carb diet is the key to less fat and high protein intake muscle retention and even muscle growth. With enough protein and strength training you can build muscle fast and burn fat fast, so the low carb diet is for Julian Zietlow, the best diet if you are committed to the fitness lifestyle!

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