Transform Your Body In Eight Months? You Can Do It!


The only way to really lose weight and keep it off is to make the mental switch from thinking in terms of short term dieting to the more dynamic perspective of making lasting healthy lifestyle choices.

The Feast and Famine Diet is the perfect tool to help you make that change. In fact after studying and experimenting with every major diet of the last decade, I can honestly say none in my opinion are better suited for a long term lifestyle choice than intermittent fasting and Feast and Famine. It’s easy to manage, inexpensive to follow, relatively pleasant and enjoyable and very, very powerful. This covers nearly every category of a dream long term eating plan check list I can think of!

Here’s some tips in incorporating Feast and Famine into your lifestyle long term… think 8 months, think body transformation success!

Feast and Famine diet transformation success

Celebrate Your Successes With Feast And Famine.

Thinking positive and choosing to focus on the positive changes you have made while intermittent fasting will go a long way in solidifying it as a part of your lasting lifestyle. Try your best to not dwell on any poor weeks or bumps in the road you may experience. This will pay off huge dividends both in weight loss and in life. Again 90% of the game is mental, let’s not forget.

Recruit Those Closest To You To Lend A Hand

Making your significant other close friends and family aware of how Feast and Famine works and letting them know you could use their help encouraging you to be disciplined on Famine days will help this healthy lifestyle really cement itself in place. Some may even choose to take up the Feast and Famine flag themselves when they see how great you look and feel. That’s when you know you are really onto something!

Take Off A Week Off Every Few Months

Everyone needs a vacation occasionally. This will prevent burn out and give yourself a great pat on the back after months of discipline. If you can time your vacation from Feast and Famine with a real vacation from work or school even better! I’ve found a week off really helps recharge enthusiasm’s batteries and allows me to plunge back into the Feast and Famine lifestyle full force.

Keep Expanding Your Knowledge Of Intermittent Fasting

A final way to make sure you stick with Feast and Famine as a lifestyle choice is to keep your brain engaged in learning new knowledge about intermittent fasting in all its forms. Join some forums, follow the news and the blogs and if you go to a gym make friends with others living this way of life. This will continually confirm what you are doing is both healthy and a good choice. It’s always a good idea to have as big a support circle as possible.

Even if you take up Feast and Famine to lose some weight quickly planning to go back to your old ways of eating, let me warn you, you may very well end up hooked and sticking around for the duration. The good news is your body will be much healthier and look much better for your efforts. Breaking from the norm into a lifestyle that gets the most out of body and mind is a benefit that’s priceless. Embrace it!


I have no doubt if you throw your focus into the Feast and Famine Diet you will achieve your weight loss goals and much more.

That said when do you plan to start? If you just hesitated you may be experiencing the greatest foe of achieving the body of your dreams of them all – the evil called procrastination. Let me share with you some tips that can help you slay that beast and begin your own transformation story today!

Just Do It

The Feast and Famine Diet requires no special food, no supplements and no information, really, beyond this Guide to work and work well. So what are you waiting for? Start Feast and Famine right NOW. The only thing stopping you is your own inertia. Banish any thoughts of tomorrow or next week. Once again make a decision and start NOW.

Expose Your Excuses

Do you have reoccurring excuses why you can’t start intermittent fasting today? Say these excuses out loud so you can hear how ridiculously self defeating they are. If you are still in doubt write them down and burn them as you free yourself from limiting beliefs.

Look At Yourself Naked In The Mirror.

If you are fat the mirror and a lack of clothes won’t lie. Remind yourself your body won’t change into something more pleasing until you first make a decision to change it and then second move forward with action in support of that decision. That action is to wisely adopt the Feast and Famine Diet. If not you will likely look the same, if not worse, than you did in the mirror in the days, weeks, months and years to come. This may sound harsh, but a harsh truth is much better than a pleasant falsehood.

Quit Time Wasters.

Do you need so much social media, television or playing video games when your body isn’t where you desire it to be? Are you putting the easy and distracting before the vital and important? If so why? Break the trance, quit the time wasters and build the new you NOW!

Write Your Goals Down As Clearly And Detailed As Possible.

There’s a certain magic about the written word, especially when it comes to setting and achieving goals. This magic is even more pronounced when the written words are your own. Write down your goals big and small, read them and embrace Feast and Famine as a means to carry you in the direction you need to be headed. There isn’t a success coach or sports psychologist alive who would argue against that advice! You shouldn’t either.

Are you psyched about moving forward with Feast and Famine? I knew you look back on decades from now and say “that’s where I committed to serious life enhancing change!” The things offered by this lifestyle are just that serious. I’d love to hear your success story so please stay strong and in touch!

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