Will A Low Carb Diet Make You Lose Muscle?

You can actually gain SLABS of rock-solid muscle, eat like a KING, and finish with abs even more defined in just 21 short days:

Will a low carb diet make you LOSE muscle? Find out in this episode of ATSGS!

Let’s go over some reasons why a low carb diet is not good for building muscle.

First off, let’s define what is low carb diet. I consider you eating a low carb diet when you’re eating less than 50 grams of carbs per day.

– A low carb diet is going to eventually give you less energy in the gym.

– Eating a no carb diet is going to decrease your drive and motivation in the gym.

– A low carb diet plan is going to prevent you from getting good “muscle pumps” when you’re working out.

– Low Carb diets make it harder to replenish muscle glycogen.

– To keep up the training intensity on the low carb diet if you’re going to use if for fat lass, I recommend a refeed day every 3-7 days.

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Imagine for a moment, that it’s 21 days from today and you’ve already added 2 inches to your chest, an inch to your arms, broader shoulders and up to 12 pounds of rock-solid muscle to your frame.

Guys are asking you “what you’re on” and girls are giving you… that look.

There is one problem we must address right now…


  • Love the true or false sessions, keep it up Vince!

  • What about if you are only eating carbs BEFORE workouts?
    Wouldn't you have enough energy to train if you only eat carbs 2-4 hours before workouts?

  • guess he's never heard of paleo or the primal blueprint. i've been on it for a year and a half and i've gained over 30lbs in a couple months with lifting. ketogenic diets for the win man.

  • Drop your carbs to 170-190 me thinks friend if you want to drop some of that BF without feeling weak.

  • Any kind if carbs or just processed carbs? I thought you recommended wheat belly?

  • 1200 cal, 1300 cal, 1400 cal, 1500 cal, 1600cal, 2500cal, 3000 cal, a good way to keep your glycogene leves up

  • Greg doesn't do a low/no carb diet. He means except for pre/post workout carbs he has a low no approach. He explained it ages ago in a vid, cant remember which one :/

  • Sorry vince but it depends. I have been under 50g of carbs before for months before and felt great neurally & strong. I am currently under 50g now 3 weeks and counting strength is still there if anything its gone up considering i have lost weight i can still deadlift and squat over 2x BW at 85KG with no lost in tissue. Agree with you on refeed day as glycogen stores need to be replenished but thinking you need carbs to function properly is a mental aspect that needs to be corrected.

  • And saying having no energy to train? Protein and fat will work better(for me anyway) Black coffee & coconut oil handfull of nuts = Unreal energy

  • Is a low carb diet a high protein diet?

  • short chain and medium chain fatty acids are used as instant energy just like carbs by the liver such as butter and coconut oil. . . .but it takes at least 6-8 weeks to train your body to use fat as exercise fuel on the low carb diet

  • It can be.

  • Nah! .I did -20 lbs past 1 week.Visit hawght.so#c1Kxo6a

  • Pro Fitness Model

  • That nose

  • It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when these other people do it so easily using Max Muscle Extend (Google it).

  • This guy might think it will make you lose muscle but it dont you just have Change your lifestyle step by step you start of very fat then you lose the weight and you add in the carbs slowly maintaing your weight and lifestyle.

  • how can i loose fat without low carb diet ? i think i cant

  • Vince, if I stick to a high protein/low carb diet, will I still be able to build some muscle while losing fat? Can someone answer this question! Thanks!

  • if you don't have enough fat to burn as a primary fuel… then yes you gonna have to eat some carbs…

  • xzz

    How much carbs (in grams) should you eat on a refeed day?

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  • your wrong, you will not loss muscle. think back to the Eskimos they had virtually no carbohydrates in their diet and they didn't lose any muscle mass. but however having a "no" carb diet will mean that your body will not look to eat away at your muscle instead it would look to eating away at your fat stores meaning that whilst your working out your body is basically a fat eating machine. this can only be achieved if your fat and salt intake is increased.  

  • hi i have been preparing for a competition since a while now (around 6 months) my category is muscle model, and i have been lowering my carbs each month as the competition day was getting closer and closer to reach 150g just before 2 days from now .. now that its only 5 days that separates me from this event, my coach told me to cut all the carbs and its even better to reach like 10g or smth till the day comes, my questions is : in that 5 days wont i lose muscles doing that ? or will my muscle be flat and smoothly shaped instead of looking full ? what should i do ? thanks in advance 🙂

  • If you actually believe this please research ketosis (, aka low/no carb dieting)  and how it actually works. Your body will turn the fats that you eat and stored body fats into alpha-ketobutyric acid. Our brain and muscles use this energy very efficiently and after adapting to the keto diet (you will probably feel tired/fatigued the first week or two. most bodybuilders only do it for a few weeks anyway) you will feel fine and actually LESS tired because you never have fluctuations in insulin and blood sugar.

     "In humans, glycogen is made and stored primarily in the cells of the liver and the muscles, and functions as the secondary long-term energy storage (with the primary energy stores being fats held in adipose tissue).
    Muscle cell glycogen appears to function as an immediate reserve source of available glucose for muscle cells. Other cells that contain small amounts use it locally as well."
    This is from wikipedia, and it is saying that you don't need glycogen in your muscles at all to train hard. it is a common myth that because low carb diets give you less glycogen you will train weak. once you are in ketosis, that fats take over and you will be just fine. hope that helps.

  • If u do a low carb diet u need to increase ur fat from good fat sources.. protein is not a good energy source as carbs or fat… u will use fat for fuel and also burn fat as energy.. u can have ur carb day I do this once a week .. and I riiped and u still can have gains …

  • Solution: Take Fish oil. This will prevent your body to burn your muscles for energy.

  • or me less than 100grm of carbs a day is just stupid everyone is deifferent of course but i dont even like going to the gym and felt like shit doing it, i am seeing better results with a 45%prote 35% carb 20% fat caloric deficit, mantain my strnght mantain my muscle and losing fat like 1-2 pounds a week… bu thats just me lol

  • I been low carbing for over 13 years and lost over 11 stone on it. I found the comment about not having as much energy not really accurate. In my experience I had been in ketosis, burning fat ( not muscle) for energy and I was on top of the world with amazing workouts when ketosis hit me.

  • What if I took bcaa and glutamine?

  • BS, my friend. You do not understand the science!

  • and I think you should speak to Menno Henselmans to get you facts correct. Google him, if you do not know who that is!

  • And while burning "Diesel" / fat as energy, you also have less inflammation. Burning your "pertrol" (carbs) is burning your "pistons" my friend. So, a little truth is, that if you a < 10s 100m sprinter, the pertol my be better to scratch another 0,1s of you time. But in general, being in ketosis, and using fat as energy is the better route. And just btw, fat does not go into fat cells, if you ketogenic… In fact, carbohydrates is broken down by the body into glucose and any surplus will end up in you fat cells. So make sure you run your tank empty.
    The problem then is, that you start spiking insulin, and if you sensitive to carbohydrates, you will become fat at a later stage in your life and develop type II diabetes. Sure, a small percentage of people's bodies is very tolerant on the carbs, and their insulin responses stays normal.
    So, it is wrong too preach what you said as gospel, cause it is not!

  • Sup bro. I'm going low carb, moderate protein, high fat right now. It's only been three days, I burned a ton of fat for some reason, but I'm in ketosis now for sure but my muscle pumps turn to shit. Two questions, when should I do a refeed (I only ask because when I look it up online they say once every two weeks if your really lean, but I seriously doubt the article writers are lifters), and how do I fix muscle pumps (which supplements).

  • I'm on keto I actually increased my muscle mass and dropped fat ln 75/20/5

  • I think its doable, if you havent reached your natural optimal muscle size. But you need higher fat macro.it's not optimal tho.

  • I'm wanting to build bigger & stronger hamstring/ gluteus muscle but I'm dropping my carbs quite a bit. Do you think this is a bad idea ?

  • yes u do wanna see my body now I lost alot

  • I'm on a low carb diet and I have lost 100 pounds in about 4 1/2 months it's amazing… I've only had 2 cheat days .. But I do notice I can't lift as much I feel weaker but it's weird cause I feel like I have more energy… I've been staying below 20 carbs a day and drinking a gallon of water a day my calorie intake is about 1500 or lower .. I went from 334 to 233.. I really want to stay with it cause I am healthier but like I said I can only lift small amount of weights now.. Maybe when I hit my goal weight I raise my carb intake?

  • everyone on youtube thinks there a fucking expert what if im in ketosis bro? and my protein is high?

  • There has been several studies that show when people dont eat carbs there cancer goes into remission and I was in keto (low carb) last week and I hit a new Pr for my squats so It does not take away from strength if you do it the rite way. Carbs really should only be eaten around your workout if at all. To many idiots eat to many carbs in this country and that's why this country is fat as fuck. An Low carb is Keto fucktard. So You obviously dont know your shit that well.