Why Low Carb KILLS Fitness Goals

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  • Great footage from 2000 TDF. Love it when you throw in some cycling examples like that. Top vid once again.

  • short, sweet and right on point

  • When I collected my race number for the 94.7 race here in SA, they had a medical team to do health checks to make sure you're healthy enough for the race, and what did they check ? Blood glucose levels.. The guy even said to me "You need sugar in your body to exercise" … Ketosis is for people who've never experienced Carbosis haha

  • Im in love with my sexy vegan food

  • 300 mile bike ride? you bad motherfucker!

  • What camera are you using?

  • Carbs for the fucking win!!!

  • Val

    Do you really own a Lamborghini?

  • carb the fuck up 

  • KaliMuscle= FullyNatty

  • So true.. When I was doing lo carb/keto diet my running fitness TANKED. For aesthetics/looking lean/ dehydrated, a short cut , low carb will do it. But long term.. For health, fitness, weight loss… High carb/ low fat vegan people..ftw!

  • Harley been a fan for a long time but over the last 10 weeks I have been focused on a great clean fruit and veg high carb diet. Last weekend I did the Lake Taupo challange in New Zealand 5 kg lighter, filled with carbs and smashed my target time. Thanks for all your advice and inspiration mate.

  • i have less than 10g carbs per day and yet i can work out, hard core, 4 hours a day. No stims, no juice. Man, you have a narrow insight into the human body.

  • carb  up bananas and coconut milk

  • I like these question and answer videos Harley. Keep them coming!

  • I've tried low carb before and I regretted. I did it well for short term, but after awhile I felt very tired, low energy and I didn't felt doing my running.

  • Does anyone have problems focusing with high carb diet. I'm trying diet, but I can't seem to focus anymore. It's like my mind is racing and I'm easily sidetracked. On lower carb, like 100 grams of fruit a day I was more productive. However, this diet included animal proteins and fats. I'm trying to change lifestyle but so far I have suffered adverse effects.

  • low carb = low plants. backdoor atkins diet

  • "fist your metabolism"

  • why is it when my body needs carbs it asks for pies or chocolate?

  • Harley, time for another haircut, brother.

  • My body is insulin resistant meaning that when I eat carbohydrates, doesn't matter where it comes from or what it's made of, my body simply cannot use the insulin it produces properly. In fact I am currently on the LCHF diet which I am considering long term (rest of the my life) because I can eat food now and not feel like my body is trying to kill itself. I'm not saying it works for everyone but I have managed to treat all my digestion problems with it and I now eat less food than before and have more energy than before. Unlike a lot of other people I didn't do this to lose weight but I chose it because it works for my body. It simply makes no sense to be pumping high levels of carbohydrates into a body that doesn't digest it properly and then have to take medication to reduce the amount of insulin running through me. Like with lactose or gluten or other intolerance or allergies people cut them out, its just like my body is intolerant to carbohydrates.

  • ummm how do i get a lambo grocery getter? amazing!

  • He got a lambo, damn wonder whats paying for that??!!??

  • I get drunk-like (dizzy) when my sugar levels drop-down. It's a really bad sensation.

  • Mega bro science in this video.

    There are studies, scientific studies on athletes in ketosis. For fat loss and muscle building, ketosis is superior to a regular high carb western diet. Go read those studies instead of listening to a guy in front of a camera acting incredulous with nothing of substance to back him up.

  • stephanie keto person. 4 years on ketogenic diet, she has more muscle than you.

  • darth luigi is completely ripped on 17 years of keto. 

  • i am not vegan i do eat meat and chicken how ever for me kytosis is just getting sick in a long term diet.

  • To sum this video up,  "I don't believe in your results so you must be doing steroids or you are lying"

  • I but I get your point, yes your right the high carb diet vegan health diet with of physical exercise is the way to live yes however I know lots of people who avoid the eating healthy saying they would love to be vegan saying but saying high carbs like eating bananas fruits dates salads gives them wind all the time and messes with their guts so they go low carb diets saying well it's good enough for Brad Pitt its good enough for me kind of attitude. Sad but true

  • Adaptation phase, retard. Body needs time to switch into fat utilizing mode, you will feel amazing after a week or a little bit more, try keto people, don't listen to a ex meth addict who now suffers from sugar addiction.

  • An un educated idiot that will make himself very ill 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  • My workouts are a hell of a lot better in Ketosis. The energy levels are amazing.

  • bull shit. I lift heavier on a keto diet.

  • Bull shit. you can easily train while in ketosis.

  • durian rider looks like he can't even deadlift a Caprisun juice box.

  • low carb makes you feel great. You can work out on ketosis.

  • bullshit. I squat 285lbs for 10 sets, deadline 315lbs for 10 sets in ketosis. no issues training in ketosis.

  • I SO wish someone from the low-carb sector would take you up on this Harley! What would they have to lose? Nothing! I think it is really cool that you are willing to put up $50,000 of your money to make a point. I'm curious if any of the "great" low-carb athletes have taken you up on this offer?

  • Feedin the chickens 😀

  • so you have a "fitness" channel but look like concentration camp type of body? how does that make any fucking sense dude? no offense, but…

  • Ive watched a few of these videos durain. You never mention keto adaptation, the process of training your body to use keytones.

  • your an idiot , keto diet is to help people lose fat. no one said keto gives you more energy than glucose. of course glucose is better for training and physical activity. but keto is a great way to lose fat really quickly if you are really overweight. training while overweight could hurt your body since your so overweight. during keto you lose weight and dont need to work out.

  • no experience dude….

  • I love this man so much

  • What do you think about omad

  • Go check out Stephanieketoperson I think she is fake.

  • Dudein the video does not even look fit. Looks like a starving African