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This is my journey to lose over 100 pounds.

My highest weight: 333 pounds. Lowest weight was 225. Weight gain during pregnancy…. Yeah, back to lose weight. My son is now 1 year old and I am still at it. Low carb lifestyle with REAL food, all made from scratch. No processed foods, no chemicals, no sugar, no grains.

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Andrea Lunsford
Simtat Sal’it 486/4
Eilat, Israel

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  • +Ineedmorelives I watched a few of your videos. Lovinggg your videos and your realness. Great job on your weightloss so far. Im new to youtube. Ive only got 2 videos so far but i want to start vloging about my weightloss. 30lbs down so far. Still have alot to go. Deffently come check my channel out. Would love support from you. :))

    Water fasting helped you have a baby? Im going to look into that. Me and my fiance have been trying to have a baby for alil over 5 years. No luck. Ughhh. Thats why i jump started this weightloss journey so maybe it will help me get pregnant.

  • You look wonderful!  I've noticed a correlation to anxiety/depression and the amount of fat/protein I eat. I really think it is helped by a ketogenic low carb diet. Interesting you've noticed this also.

  • The brain needs animal proteins and fats to function properly.  Depression and anxiety are all signs of a starving brain. By the way have you heard of the GAPS diet?  It is very similar to paleo with a strong probiotic aspect to heal the digestive system. I attached a link if you are interested.  
    Wise Traditions London 2010 – Natasha Campbell McBride

  • Good for you! …i lost 150lbs by doing a diet that has taken me years of trial and error …i cant do just any diet. It has to be what works with my body and what im doing now is working just fine and i am not vegan..so many people believe in that diet and i have tried it but it wasnt for me .i saw people do awesome being vegan so i tried it and it helped me eat healthier and try new raw veggies but i still eat meat and seafood and i always will. At the end of the day all that matters is what you believe in…its what makes the world an interesting place. Hats off to you for water fasting….oh and your baby is a cutie

  • Love your channel…I am of course always struggling with my weight also. I'm vegan and  a raw food chef because of my food journey. I gained some unwanted weight from last summer…ugh….and need to gain control again so I'm starting my alkaline lifestyle yesterday. It is the only thing that works for me and it's not a diet. I might vlog my journey on my Our Vegan Life channel. I knew Christina since about 07-08 and that is how I found your channel. Looks GREAT! Your little boy is sure cute. Mine are 17 and 20 now. Happened too fast and we live in Montana.

  • I know we are all different and what works for one doesn't work for another. I respect that. For me raw food works and alkaline lifestyle. Fruits don't do well it's just fat for me so I stay away from a lot of fruits except pineapple (limited) , pomegrante, lemon and limes. After going to Living Light and training with Cherie Soria and learned to make so many tasty things. I also used to have a raw food potluck at my house and had 45 people coming each month. 2010-11-12 my mom died, Noni died (mom's mom) and grandpa and gained 16 pounds and just have had a terrible time caring about myself enough to stop eating things like gluten, mocha's and other things I have problems digesting. I'm sorry you got negative feedback from other raw fooders…terrible…I had to quit calling my changes diets it got to depressing for me and people would say werent you just on a diet. So it's just a lifestyle,,,

  • What is a 30 day water fast?

  • Honest video! Have you seen the Eat Right For Your Type book? You are probably an O blood type.

  • I'm vegan and eat a 100% organic wholefoods diet, but I don't understand why so many 801010 raw til 3.59pm followers bully others for not following their lifestyle. It is not the best diet, it actually has no scientific evidence behind it, and everyone has different bodies, some are receptive to carbs, others aren't. i'm so sick of the bullying and cult like behaviour and it seems wherever I am on the internet, whether it be youtube, facebook or instagram, there's always someone going on about it. they need to get over themselves.

  • Girl, I have been watching your videos for most of the day! I admire you sooooooooo much for sharing your story and your journey with us! I about to  start Atkins tomorrow and am going to lose 70 lbs! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your sweet personality and again for being brave enough to share with us! 

  • i was a high carb raw vegan/ high carb vegan and i felt the same exact way. panic attacks, bad anxiety ect. 
    but now im a high fat raw vegan and im doing better. i might incorporate fish back in, im moving to canada soon so ill be very limited! 

  • Vegans are weirdos!

    Long Live the Keto Lifestyle!!!!!

  • Love your honesty in this video! Thanks for sharing…. the "im so perfect " videos of others can be discouraging…

  • I love your video and honesty. Everyone is going live and eat what works for them, you do what works for you. I'm all about the LCHF/Keto lifestyle. You go girl. I've done water fasts too and I feel wonderful after them. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope that you start to feel uplifted and happy. You've come a long way, keep going!

  • So I am doing low carb right now just like you are and I am aiming for another 5lbs. After that I wanted to try low carb  vegan lol, I have a plan with alot of nuts and seeds.

  • Two years ago I was at 165 lb now I am 119 lbs. I am 5 feet 2. I think 114 lbs would be good for me.

  • We are not cave men anymore! but I respect your desire to eat whatever you want. We don't live in those ancient times anymore. Eat whatever you want, but it is funny to hear people use caveman as an example for the food we should eat in the present. It's just kinda ridiculous to me to use that as a healthy example in 2015. I wish you the best either way! PS. I am not a Raw Foodie

  • I heard you say that you were depressed when you returned to the states. Where do you live now? I am an expat in Chile.

  • Right on!

  • A M

    If you can't seem to thrive on any diet, I recommend having your digestive system thoroughly evaluated. If your digestive system is compromised (e.g., low stomach acid, intestinal permeability, intestinal dysbiosis, food sensitivities/allergies, incessant hunger), no diet alone will allow you to achieve and maintain physical or mental health. After failing on every diet known to man, I finally realized that my digestive system was steadily degenerating and couldn't effectively digest any foods. My steadily worsening health wasn't due to a lack of willpower, discipline or "healthy" diet. The first step step was realizing that no diet, alone, would heal my digestive system. Physical health is merely an extension of emotional and spiritual health. When I am emotionally/spiritually "grounded", I am propelled to health; I intuitively crave the things that my body needs to be at its peak. Through meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and subliminal mind therapies, I was able to allow my health to rebound. Once I "got my mind right", everything else fell into place. My digestive system started healing and I was drawn to the supplements, foods and therapies that benefited my body. I wish you peace and wholeness on your journey.

  • I so relate to alot of the things you share in your video..I'm also highly reactive to carbs..have been my whole life..was diagnosed with severe hypoglycemia 15 yrs ago..my bloodsugar was down to 32 during lab testing..I had tons of panic attacks and anxiety and depression. ..just a mess really..no life….I have to do low carb in order to feel halfway decent….but the problem I run into then is low serotonin after a while which again can cause moodiness etc..so I'm trying to find what works for me…it's exhausting…so tired of it…it's have binge eating disorder also..it's believe now this is caused by either high insulin (hunger hormone and fat storage hormone) and by that also related to dopamine and serotonin neuro transmitters which control our moods, motivation etc.m( which needs some insulin ) …I feel better when I don't eat also.food is my enemy and I have a really hard time losing weight…I wish u all the best ..yiur videos hit home with me ..it was like listening to myself…it also spend my days by myself..boyfriend works..i work from home..live in vegas so hot don't feel like going outside much in 110 degrees…I feel terrible you have air…I don't know how u do it…that would drive me nuts…again all the best to you….

  • Sorry..in the text below I meant to say "no air…"..my fingers type too fast for my brain to follow lol

  • Fuck these high carb low fat vegans.

  • btw… I think you are beautiful..congrats on the weight loss….I am switching to a higher fat lower carb Raw Vegan diet…..my triglycerides are elevated and thats a heart risk..also..my skin is dry…so I think a higher fat content will help….

  • Your story is so similar to mine! Thank you for sharing!

  • What state are you in that it is 115 degrees?

  • Great video!!!! I used to follow a high carb vegan diet. I lost weight but I felt miserable. Now I eat a balanced vegan diet. I try to limit fruit and carbs because they mess up my blood sugar.
    Oh and I live in Israel too:)

  • Is it just me or does this woman feel full of pseudo science? Juice fasting? Healing? I really hate scientific ignorance.

  • If you binged and felt depressed then obviously you were straight up not eating enough carbs. You need cooked foods in your diet like rice, potatoes, oats, lentils etc.
    Btw butter, eggs and meat fats are not healthy fats. Not to mention research has shown that things like bacon cause cancer and ofc heart disease.

  • You sound just like me. 🙂 almost everything that you said in this vid has happened to me.

  • it's 2016..where are you??

  • Don't be raw just be vegan