Why a Low-Carb Diet Isn’t Better for Fat Loss

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Low-carb dieting is all the rage these days, and especially for fat loss, but it isn’t everything it’s cracked up to. Here’s why.


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  • so I weight 340 and I have started lower carb diet I am trying to keep my carb in take around 100 grams a day.  I drive a lot for my job during the day and don't really have time for the gym right now do you what are you thoughts?

  • This guy is an ass clown, check out the doctor from Duke university- a real scientific approach

  • excellent video. very informative.

  • World Heart Foundation President: Fat Is Protective, Carbs are Harmful! So research from 71 countries should be dismissed?

  • I don't agree with this guy at all. Just keep promoting your books buddy!

  • Mike, I have you personally tried your own recommendation of consuming only 0.3g per lb per day of dietary fat?

  • just use Woo&Pep diet :)))

  • I`ve truly followed the “fizy unique plan” for two weeks and i also have lost 14 pounds by now. It is undoubtedly the easiest weight loss plan to follow I have ever tried out. You must google the “fizy unique plan” to learn more!

  • I doubt he try the things he talk. lLow carbs diet is life saving for people with high blood sugars and high blood triglycerides. Try it for one week. U see the results yourself.

  • You eat carbs. nothing happens. nothing change. u give up. listen to this guy, eat balance diet and u will continue to have high blood sugar and high triglycerides. period.

  • he clearly says " UNLESS YOU'RE OBESE AND /OR SEDENTARY". Low carb sucks for athletes. Sure a few will comment and claim that they do well on low carbs, but most wouldn't. Carbs are and always will be the bodies preferred fuel source. How often do you hear that top athletes eat low carbs? They have the best nutritionists at their disposal.

  • Finally someone who understands. The general populations have zero knowledge of carbohydrates important role in the body. Better yet they don't understand the anatomical structure of the carbohydrate and each stages that happens within the body. Also reducing their carb intake so quickly and low deprives the body and ketones are produced and create an acidic PH level. My professors explain too only for obese or sedentary people. It's not as simple as it sounds but Complex carbohydrates is what you want and not simple carbohydrates.. or processed ones I should say.

  • As stated in video:
    Balanced diet is – HIGH PROTEIN, balanced carbs, dietary fat (no description on what a balanced carb, or dietary fat diet looks like in video).

    The 4 studies that balanced carbs and protein – showed same fat loss to low carb to high protein (no mention of muscle mass, physique, or health in video).

    Conclusion – High protein low carb if obese or sedentary but, higher carb (as opposed to high restriction carb diet ((no levels of restriction given)).

    He is still suggesting a higher protein diet even though he found research that balance protein and carbs make no difference as in weight and not overall health. Will do more research on what this guy is selling and post and update.

  • hes right. everytime i go low carb i have terrible headaches and am very low energy

  • Well I'm here cus yesterday I cheated on the keto diet I got the keto flu , started to feel sick in depressed after two months in so I started to get my minerals and vitamins as those keto gurus suggested, NOTHING WAS WORKING feeling hungry /angry all the time , after 5 months in I just had to quit I guess it wasn't for me my anxiety was though the roof .. now I'm eating a balanced diet and feeling better , kind of normal again !

  • Lol at the number of haters commenting . . . I've tried both and in hindsight it was stupid to waste my time on low-carb diets. I'm much more satisfied and high-energy, much more functional on a high-carb diet. I keep my carbs as high as I can while keeping protein high and staying in a deficit. Also high fat diets are not nearly as satiating per calorie in my experience. It's a stupid trend, unless you're obese. And your mileage may vary depending on genetics. There may be some ethnic types that are evolved to handle high fat better than high carb.

    I think going low carb is good for a 7-10 day transition period if you've been abusing carbs, to get your insulin sensitivity straight again.

  • Low Carb diets only work because they keep you satiated, so you're in a caloric deficit. Low fat diets don't help lose fat faster at all.

  • The LCHF diet has its origins in the Banting Diet of 1863. Hardly a fad diet. The low fat diet was as the result of US Govt guidelines introduced in 1977. The High Protein diet proposed here is the Atkins diet which has been around in various forms since 1958. As for the LCHF, Dr Andreas Eenfeldt has approx 15% of the Adult Swedish population on the LCHF and has thousands of testimonials from people who observe the diet as approved by the Swedish Government.

  • I'll give credit to his point that way too many studies are questionable in their design etc. But he's also throwing in a lot of BS there. He seems to referring to those "moderately low carb" diets. Those are usually not here or there and therefore the less than impressive results. And body, are you hunbry on those, (I tried and it was absolute misery). BUT, if you go all the way to ketogenic, It's a whole other animal altogether. Bye to being "hangry" all the time! Great energy levels too and stamina once you become adapted (that will take at least 2 weeks to 2 months)

    Eat fat!

  • Full of shit?

  • It's all about the insoluble fiber

  • Dude doesn't know shit

  • When I eat carbs like pasta, pizza, I feel like crap and want to take a nap. So I try to avoid those. But I usually feel fine when I eat fruits.

  • If you're an ectomorph, or a mesomorph like my husband, yes you can enjoy a higher carb diet and be fit and healthy. Unfortunately I have an endomorph body type and I am very sensitive to high carb, therefore I need to eat low carb to feel good and stay fit. When I up my carbs, and yes the "good" ones, I feel weak tired and plain awful. So I try to keep my carbs between 50-100 a day. My husband on the other hand can eat large amounts of carbs at every meal and feels great and has barely any body fat. Everyone is different and not one way of eating will work for everyone. And also, people are so weak on low carb due to lack of fat intake. Once you up your fat intake, your energy level will be more steady.

  • what carbs are good to eat for us mister handsome?

  • I've had a better experience with Keto. Even long distance running isn't bad on keto. Carbs make me feel like crap.

  • What if you're obese and really need to drop lbs? Carbs hold water, and it's been said that eatinh more carbs are for more active, lean people.

  • what r u talking about man,u r nuts if u think low carb diet will make u tired…..LOL