Which “muscle building supplements” work and which don’t?

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In this episode, I talk about several supplements that are supposed to help you build muscle faster and explain which work and which don’t.

01:09 – The truth about supplement companies and “muscle building supplements.”

Which supplements don’t help you build muscle?

11:14 – Natural testosterone boosters

18:02 – ZMA

22:24 – D-aspartic acid

26:41 – BCAAs

33:42 – HMB

Which supplements help you build muscle?

38:11 – Whey protein powder

46:10 – Creatine

52:32 – Beta alanine


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  • Informative and Professional!

  • hey Mike. I train since 6 months without creatine and i have better results than ever before with creatine. i think the most energy u need to lift is created in your mind!!

  • Thank for another great video Mike! You're a hero

  • you say "blah blah blah" a lot, other than that the info is awesome!

  • i think you have a lot of knowledge and informative but you have to be on point , in this vid and a lot of others there's 50 min waste and 7 to point.

  • thanks !

  • Hey mike, is if better to lose stubborn fat than regular dieting?

  • the amount of marketing behind the supplement industry is insane. I prefer to stay supplement free

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  • That was a great video ! you explain things so well. I've subscribed to the podcasts too. Making my way through them !

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  • I tried loading creatine monohydrate and it felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest. why is that?

  • hey Mike I been 5'7.5 115 since I was 16 I'm turning 19. I'm eating 2600-4000 ( caculated and scaled.) I'm not gaining shit. I'm hot all the time also is it my thyroid?

  • Good content but vids too long

  • Hey Mike, I really like your videos and I've been reading a lot of your articles lately and I have to say keep up the amazing work! However I'm very confused on the subject of the best way to train if I'm a teenager (15). I've been working out on and off lately and will start doing consistently now. A lot of teenage bodybuilders online says to do the 5×15 and high volume stuff like that. But I've seen a lot of people recommending to lift heavier weights in the 3×4-8 range to gain muscle. In your opinion, what training method should I be doing if I want to build muscle? Thanks!

  • Mike, don't you recommend HMB, Pre Fasted workout? So why you now saying don't take it.

  • Hey Mike, what about Deer antler spray? Does it work?

  • Dom

    first time in a while that i watched a video all the way through. Very informative and a good delivery.

  • good video

  • Hi Mike, I've starting your workout recently, lost quite a bit, lowered caloric intake and have been feeling very good overall. However, I am finding myself with a lot of energy at night and having issues falling asleep. Any recommendations?

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  • Respect this guy, good book and inspiration to naturals everywhere

  • I switched to kre-alkaline creatine and it's the bomb I get a good pump 40 minutes after taking them