What is a Low Carb Diet Video

A low carb diet is one of the two most healthy diets you can eat. Dr. Dahlman explains those two healthy diets and why he has a preference for a low carb diet approach.

  • Doc, how about the net carb they talk about? I see these sweets which advertise zero or a few net carb how do you feel about them? Also seeing as how you have a beef with artificial sweeteners what do you recommend for tea? and last I like things like crystal light what do you recommend as a replacement and dont say only drink water *lol

  • Drink water….oops, sorry! Try Stevia for a sweetener…it's a natural no calorie herb. I don't buy the net carb thing…to much thinking has to go with it. 😉 Just lower your overall carb intake and it will work.

  • @asktheholisticdoctor So, there's no type of diet soda or none calorie fruit punch type imitation I can have? Also, I think you would make for a really interesting and informative interview, would you be willing to do a phone interview with me for our listeners on facebook ?

  • Your Brain runs on sugar & your body prefers to run on carbs.The meditteranean diet is more than half carbs.Are you saying that apples with pectin,potatoes with anti cancer phytonitrients,Onions with quercetin are bad.The few studies that show saturated fat not causing heart issues is one from Israel—however Beans were the main source of saturated fat in that study with their fibre.The USA one doesn^t take into account statin drugs.What about Asians & rice galore—leanest people in planet

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  • That´s why China and Japan are in the top 6 for diabetes….You might as well eat a bag of sugar….Eating rice is the same!

  • The top five countries with diabetic population are:

    India leading the list with 35.5 million, followed by,
    China ( 23.8 million)
    USA (16 million)
    Russia (9.7 million)
    Japan (6.7 million)

  • Until the 1990s Japans diabetes were very low.Studies have pointed to one main theme—-sedentary lifestyles as technology replaces activity & openess to western type diets(hi in fat) increase.For centuries those people ate rice with low diabetes & the rise in diabetes is recent.

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  • You look healthy.

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