What I eat in a day while on Phentermine, Low carb High protein diet


This is what I usually eat. I do change things up but I mostly stick to chicken and fish. I have low carb snacks in between meals, but this particular day I was very busy and didn’t need a snack.

  • I eat low carb mod protein and high fat😊, I enjoyed watching your meals, All the best on your weightloss journey! welcome to my journey on my channel and lets motivate one another! new subbie…

  • Your so pretty!😍the food looks really good I just need to eat healthy like you do

  • U have immaculate brows lol

  • what was your starting weight and current weight

  • You are very pretty. Good job on the diet plan. Keep up the good work

  • There is no way youre drinking half your weight in water a day I'm guess you misspoke

  • The coffee does it make u feel weird taking phentermine?

  • I'm sure she ment in oz or something she is drinking half her water weight? Because I'm on phen and you are seriously drinking so much all the time!! I'm drinking bottles and bottles of water! I drink from a gallon of water at home in fridge (or maybe a 2.5 one from family Dollar with the spout attached to it) I fill up at least twice a day and then I have bottle water I keep in my car for back up. My mouth fills like cotton mouth all day.

  • Where do you get your pills from? Are you still taking them?