WHAT I EAT IN A DAY to sustain Fitness Muscle High Carb Vegan

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY to sustain Fitness Muscle High Carb Vegan
Simple Meals
Vegan Diet and Yoga, Exercise, Muscle Building, Fitness Level
High Carb, Low Fat Vegan
Starch Solution, Rawtill4, 80 10 10, High Carb Vegan, Fruits, Greens, veggies. Protein. Low protein compared to SAD
Let me know if you have any questions

  • @Ali Kamenova Ty for sharing. lookung forward to seeing your food vids! I've been vegan for two yrs but was junk food vegan for a long time since I went vegan purely for ethical reasons. But I do hv a lot of health food problems and struggling wh weight. Wanting to go raw but can't get passed cravings. Eating alor of rice and sm bread. Was wondering how u feel about rice and bread and if u cld spell the name of the squash u are speaking of. I'm not sure where u live but I'm in the states. Not sure if we h it here.

  • @Ali Kamenova I meant "Health problems " not health food problems lol

  • I have to say, you have a special talent speeking of food 😀 I always get appetite for whole foods, when you talk about them 🙂 You are an amazing inspiration, Ali! <3

  • yay!I liked this one, eating healthier one day at a time. …I wonder if I'll be 50 someday saying how did I ever love cheese =)

  • @Ali Kamenova Ty so much for taking the time to reply back and for the sound advice. And yes I really want to be a great example for others and inspire them to go vegan as it is of extreme importance to me and I feel like its my calling to spread the vegan message so ty so much and I will for sure let you know about the squash I'd I find it! 😉 God bless

  • Same!! My fav sweet potatoes have purple skin and white insides! LITERALLY THE BEST 😀

  • I liek yo vids gurl, dey mak us a lil bet shtrongr erey day. dos da formers markit tak EBt?

  • How about seasoning do you eat things like salt, pepper and chilli?

  • after eating vegan for almost a year, I am somewhat feeling a loss of appetite and just stuffing myself just to feel full but still not satisfied, at first I was really enjoying simple foods just boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes, lightly sauteed vegetables with minimal salt, and lots of fruits. But now, I don't understand if its stress or body saying there's something missing like nutrients or minerals that's causing me to crave unhealthy vegan foods like oily, extremely seasoned foods. More often now I will extremely crave sour foods like vinegar, mustard, greasy food like vegan burgers, nut butters, extremely high sodium condiments like ketchup, bbq sauce, hoisin sauce… I'm really stressed out right now, and my skin is breaking out really bad on my right face and between brows and chin area. I'm doing my best to eat really clean like low fat as much as possible, little seasoning (low sodium), more on fruits and veg but its keeping me deprived and just don't find it somewhat appetizing right now.. i dont understand whats going on, can somebody help or advice? sorry for the long post..

  • Ali,
    Is the area around Sophie's eye irritated or is that just the lighting? I love how she leans on you. I have 5 rescue dogs and two are "leaners"….sweetest thing ever!
    I know the rage right now is pumpkin everything, but I am not a fan. My favorite squash is spaghetti squash! You can prepare it in a million different ways…my favorite is with tons of fresh garlic and tomatoes.

  • You're wonderful!

  • its nice to hear from someone who has been on a high fruit/veg diet for many years. Most of the people talking about high carb vegan diets on youtube are in their teens or 20's at best.