What I eat in a day to build muscle on a low fat vegan diet

This is what I eat on a low fat vegan diet to stay lean, build muscle and burn fat. It’s very satiating and delicious. I got the humus recipe video coming with tips on how to digest beans better, and definitely try my high carb cheese over pasta I love it! I am actually trying to alter it to perfection now. Latest version was cauliflower, navy beans, nutritional yeast, himalayan salt, and mustard. It’s even better than the original. I think it just needs garlic powder for perfection. Once I perfect it I will make a video about it to brag lol.

So that’s what I do right now, light at night or light @ night from Earthling nutrition. Still doing that. I might change it up a bit soon, we’ll see.


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  • I like getting beat up by girls. I'll even pay for it.

  • Where do you buy manna bread?

  • That purple rice did good on my retina!

  • Lookin' good Gino.

  • jut shave it all ha p:

  • You say "Sanpellegrino" like the Godfather. Haha.
    Your hair is perfect, I actually love the little tuft behind your ear. 😊

  • I suggest you make a video about that bottle on your kitchen counter that has a word taped to it. It looks like it says 'strength.' I think it had a different word taped to it in the past… Tell us about the witchcraft you've got going on there.

  • I wish you hadn't mentioned the eternal darkness thing. It makes me feel frightened.

  • +luceymajor I don't think we will ever just be left in darkness, unless of course that's what we choose to do for a period of time. I imagine there are beautiful worlds beyond this one, and we just keep on going, one life after another 😉

  • 'Slipping off that one asshole piece of bread' lol
    Btw, I had leftover beans I didn't want to go to waste and threw it in my usual smoothie.. couldn't even taste it.

    I'm working on an idea for a future vid to help u spread the message and bring in more views =D

  • "gives me energy, during the night" are you going to run a marathon in your sleep?

  • Good video ….subscribed ……..seen you're comment to Brett channel another good channel

  • I loved the whole video. But the word and timing of plop truly made me smile. And the malignant attitude of your bastard bread.

  • The f*ck is wrong with you! Cheese on rice? I would never do that…..

    Sorry that was my ignorance talking, now you know I am a cheese on rice virgin.

  • Yay for San Pellegrino! I really enjoy their sodas, especially their pomegranate one.

  • blend up cooked black beans or red beans, comes out really good if you have it seasoned right