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Hi guys! I am currently in Italy so I may be a little late in response but please do leave me a comment so I can get back to it later!

So for workout days, especially intense workout days. I eat substantial amount of carbs before and after my workout. It is crucial for muscle recovery and also gives you energy before the workout. You want to be able to lift the weights that you want to lift. If you don’t have sufficient energy, you won’t be able to do that and hence won’t be able to build as much muscle. If you’re looking to build more muscles then you also need to be on caloric surplus. I am probably on the surplus on this particular day but I haven”t been counting calories recently. I only count calories if I have a goal to reach but I was more to maintaining at this point. So yeah I hope this helps to give you some ideas. These are the days that I really don’t have time to cook and so I prep my meals in advance and just heat it up when I want to eat it.

It is also very important to heat up rice before eating them because they can cause food poisoning. It is best to have fresh rice and for left overs, you’ll have to refrigerate it and heat it up the next day, and you shouldn’t keep rice for more than a day. Read more here.

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    Though more often, I prefer tofu in desserts.

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