What I Eat In A Day – High Fat Low Carb II Day after binge eating II #Wedshred

Another #Wedshred video – High fat eating on the weekend – all details below 🙂

Supplements I use are from
Use ‘GEORGIE15’ for 15% off the whole site.

protein powder – Prana plant protein (I get salted caramel)

pre workout i make myself:
Ehp Labs – Oxyshred (I like passion fruit)
Protein supps Australia – Creatine
Gen tech – L-Tyrosine
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My intro & outro by: @meganstevensdesigns

  • love all your tips pls keep them coming! 🙂

  • Zoe

    How many calories do you eat per day on your cut? I know everyone needs different calories but just interested to know 🙂

  • Zoe

    I honestly DO NOT know how you work at a firm full time and manage to upload so frequently – and upload such well edited videos at that! You are sooo dedicated girl and its so inspiring to see someone manage all of it with a healthy lifestyle. Like I can't even imagine how busy you must be hahaha you're a boss!

  • Yes love your videos! Always get excited when you upload 🙌🏼

  • Hey girl your discount code wouldn’t work for me 🙁

  • Another great Video::)

  • Love your videos! Recently moved to Sydney from London and your videos help motivate my healthy lifestyle. Xxxx

  • Love your videos !!

    Can I ask, what is that podcast you are taking about regarding the high fat?
    Also can you please recommend any good people to listen to on podcast please !!

    Thanks !! X x

  • Hi I have a question, I have been exercising for a while and
    I try to eat healthy but I noticed something weird with my
    heartbeat it beats really hard and you can actually see it
    so I made a short video its on my channel, someone help
    im kinda worried!!

  • I just discovered you two days again and I'm loving your videos so far!!!

  • Hey Georgie! I literally love your videos so much! Question.. What foundation do you use? It always looks flawless!

  • What foundation do you use?

  • I love IF and load my carbs during the 8 hours eating period! Get my fix without bloating my body! 🙂 Food looks soooooo GOOD!!!!

  • just stumbled on your channel & I love it!!! How did you make your name intro thingy? I just recently started a channel, and I'm looking to learn how to make one, or willing to pay someone!!! <33

  • sexy

  • Highfat diet kept my belly flat LOL i just didnt feel as good so now im highcarb lowfat vegan diet and i actually lost more weight than on a highfat diet 🙇

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