What I Ate Today On Keto

  • u have inspired me to try me to and I'm super overwhelmed and no clue where to start

  • would ube willing to mention how much protein and fat each item is…. just to give me a clue as if I'm doing this right please

  • I'm thinking about that big boss air fryer.. do you think it makes it crispier than the oven? I'm thinking about buying your model because I like the ideal that the holding tank is glass because I don't like the non-stick coating that always wears off.

  • Fresca!!!! Didn’t know they still made that. Have a good weekend!

  • Curious how many carbs are in sugar free chocolates? I can tell you have lost weight. Looking good!

  • Are you going to do vlogmas? I’m gonna give a Keto vlogmas a whirl…I think it will help with holiday temptation! Those muffins looked incredible! You seem so happy