What I Ate Today – Low Carb

This is what I ate today. I’m mainly focusing on watching my carb and sugar intake.

Calories: 1059
Protein: 99g
Fat: 55g
Carbs: 30g
Sugar: 26g

Twitter: www.twitter.com/fat2glam

  • looks good! Your cats are gorgeous!

  • Great video! Thanks for sharing, it's nice to see what others eat to get ideas!! 🙂

  • Your cats are so cute. I love cats…and that smoothie looks really really good. Was it sweet enough? I like the mid-morning snack. I never think of that stuff when I go for a snack. wow you ate really well all day today. really proud of you. =)

  • All your meals and snacks look so tasty! Gave me some inspiration for meals so thanks 🙂

  • I want your cats…..and food 🙂 x

  • Yeah it is a tad low. I usually aim for around the 1200-1300 calorie mark a day but I'll eat a bit more today to make up for yesterday 🙂

  • aww thanks 🙂 Sometimes I add a sweetener to the smoothie if I'm craving sweeter things

  • your welcome 🙂

  • yeah they're cuties lol

  • My daily intake is only 1000 and I'm doing ok 🙂 if you have a lot to lose then going under is fine as long as you make nutritious choices

  • thanks for the info Hazimax, I figured I have a lot to lose so being under 1200 a couple of days won't hurt 🙂

  • I went and watched all your videos and really enjoyed them. I have to try your cake recipe. You are doing really well and seem to really know what your doing and what your goals are. I think that is wonderful and can't wait to follow your journey. love Carol

  • Awww thanks for the lovely comment, means the World to me xoxo

  • ooo I'll have a look now 🙂

  • Is one of your cats a ragdoll? They're both adorable! Good luck with your weight loss. I'm trying to lose weight, too!

  • Yes 🙂 They are both Ragdolls but I think Monty might have a little bit of something else in him. He's not really as big as most ragdolls and he's not as floppy but he's gorgeous 🙂

  • Monty looks a bit like a fluffier snowshoe. Maybe he has some Siamese in him? Either way, they're both gorgeous, for sure!

  • THOSE LITTLE BABIES!!! <3 gorgeous cats!

  • where did you get your mugs from? They are super cute!

  • I got them from typo 🙂

  • 1000 calories that means ur losing weight tho ?

  • Yes 🙂

  • Stop restricting go vegan

  • Hey love! Don't restrict on the carbs:) Carbs= energy, fats= fat. I am in the transition to becoming vegan and already I have SO MUCH energy and I have lost weight. Two years ago I restricted and ate meals similar to your own which led me to binge eating. It's a vicious cycle and I am just getting out of it now, two years later. On a high carb low fat vegan lifestyle, you can literally eat as much as you want. 1,000 calories is doable for now but in a few days or weeks your brain is going to switch to its primal senses (which keep us alive) and its going to need more calories and carbs. Then, its going to drive you to foods that are calorie dense like cheese burgers etc and the cycle will just keep going on and on. Let me know if you need anything:)