What I Ate To Lose 15lbs. In 10 Weeks (Cutting Diet Foods)







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What I Ate To Lose 15lbs. In 10 Weeks (Cutting Diet Foods)

In this video I give a quick rundown of the various cutting diet foods I’ve been consuming in order to drop around 15 pounds of mostly body fat over the past 10 weeks.

There’s no such thing as a single “fat loss food” that is a must, so keep in mind that this is just my own individual list and the things that I personally like to consume as part of my cutting plan.

So, these are the primary sources I’m currently basing my cutting diet around…

Protein: Whey protein powder (chocolate Cellucor brand), eggs/egg whites, shrimp, extra lean ground turkey, non-fat Greek yogurt, salmon, cottage cheese.

Carbohydrates: Mixed berries, oats, bagels, basmati rice, rice cakes, vegetables. My “cheat food” in this category is Lucky Charms cereal 🙂

Fats: Natural peanut butter, fish oil, plus all of the other “tag along” fat that comes from my protein and carb sources.

So as you can see, my cutting diet foods are nothing fancy. My cutting macros ended up at 165p/210c/45f, which is somewhat low but keep in mind that I was cutting down to around 160 pounds and not doing a very high amount of cardio.

There are many other cutting diet foods that work well as part of a fat loss plan as well, such as lean red meat, other types of seafood, lean pork, all types of fruits/vegetables, quinoa, potatoes, pita, avocado, nuts and seeds just to name a small few.

Your basic goal should just be to figure out what your macros are for your cutting phase, and then select a few of your favorite foods in each category (protein/carbs/fats) in order to meet your daily numbers.

No cutting diet foods are a must, so choose the sources that you enjoy most and that will maximize the chances of sticking to your fat loss diet over the longer term.

  • hey sean, been diggin ur tips. wish i could but your blueprint one day or just donate cause all sounds hella tight serious. man, wheres the link for that important thing of "amino spite" whey shouldnt be as u talked about before, again please? thanks

  • I just lost 5 ponds in 10 days…..yougurty oats fruit potatoes milk juice chicken shrimp cottage cheese some steak cheat once a week
    im 200 6 foot 3 2200 to 2600 a day sunday anything goes

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  • what can I use for dropping water ?

  • the average American does not have time to prepare all this you need to cut it down to wear a working man has time to prepare this at the right time. maybe the night before

  • BROOO get that kraft cheese outta here. you're a man you deserve cheese from the cheese aisle 🙂

  • What? Lucky Charms? That's my freaking favourite Cereal… I can actually fit that stuff in my diet? must be kidding me 😮

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  • ur egg whites expired

  • KJM

    hands down one of the most reasonable fitness advice videos I've seen. honest and to the point. thank you sir!

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  • thanks a lot for bringing up great informative videos. I am a vegetarian and I do eat eggs though I am not sure how to cut fats by just having eggs, protein shakes, brown rice, oats and veggies etc. can you provide some info for vegetarian diets. thanks

  • 1900 calories, awesome man

  • Hey Sean, do you count your macros or your calories? Every time I track my calories, i still have "space" from the macro side but the calories are usually around 5-10% higher, although my calculations are accurate

  • you should do a full day of eating on a cut! great vids keep it up

  • Thank you for this. I'm have decent muscle on the fat ,but I just have to lose about 20-30 kilograms.

  • post your steroid cycle too please

  • What do we look for to find out if the fish oil we are buying has it in its natural triglyceride form? Having issues trying to find one that says it on the bottle in my area. Thanks.

  • Thank you for another great video!

  • Egg whites, powdered low-sugar peanut butter, 93% lean turkey, greek yogurt, and tuna in water for the win!

  • With my lifestyle, it's a must to keep my carbs high. My gas tank could be quickly on E.

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