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This is my journey to lose over 100 pounds.

My highest weight: 365 pounds. Lowest weight was 225. Weight gain during pregnancy…. I just had a newborn baby girl and this is the last child I will have, so I am on the weight loss path for good now. Also, losing weight and getting healthy is the focus of this year. I have been suffering from breathing problems for the last couple of years now, and I want to be rid of this. I believe I may also have an auto-immune disease that has gone undiagnosed. My health has not been good for a few years now, and I want to correct that for good. I cook food, living a Low carb lifestyle with REAL food, all made from scratch. No processed foods, no chemicals, no sugar, no grains. High Fat Low Carb HFLC Atkins diet, and ketogenic foods and meals will be uploaded once a week from here on out! Thanks for all the support!

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  • Yummmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Have you ever had cocunut sugar its really good. I have a herbalist that I go to, she has done wonders for me.🇷🇺VP🇷🇺

  • Tfs & take care 🌹

  • You Girl Girl!!! You can do it!!!!

  • So what does stevia have to do with polycystic ovarian syndrome? First, some background.

    The majority of PCOS women appear to have insulin resistance or excessively high levels of insulin. Your pancreas has to work hard to produce all this insulin. Eventually, your pancreas gets tired out and no longer produces enough insulin to store your blood sugar into cells. When that happens, you have insulin-dependent diabetes. As you may know, women with PCOS have a higher risk of developing diabetes.

  • I'm not saying don't us it, I'm just hoping your doing your research.

  • That was 1test that they did. What you did talk about, they are doing research about that now.

  • Yum !!! I watch your vlogs often friend, just don't comment much as I too am busy with baby girl (born August 19). Adjusting still 😊
    That cucumber and tomato salad, was it just diced cucumbers and toms or did Hadar add other ingredients? Looked delicious.

  • So happy u are showing ur awesome low carb meals once again!👍

  • Everything looks terrific as usual!!

  • love your food vlogs and so glade they are back yay. your doing awesome love how motivated you are

  • I love eating low carb. Your food looks great! Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh yum yum! I need to make a list of these and go back when I hit a bump in the road. You had many options this week. awesome!

  • Yum yum.

  • Omg, Andrea look at you! You guys are doing so good! I was just going suggest this type of video. Very motivational. I needed this thank you

  • Great food ideas and everything looks yummy.
    Your son is the spitting image of his daddy.

  • G W

    how do you deal with food like yogurt that comes in plastic when u r trying to avoid plastic? Do u just deal with it and do your best? Does it irritate you at all? How much do they put things in plastic in Israel verse USA, more, less, about the same?

  • The Raspberries and yogurt YUMMMM!!!!!

  • Beware of cashews. Small amounts only.

  • This is the old house.