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This is my journey to lose over 100 pounds.

My highest weight: 365 pounds. Lowest weight was 225. Weight gain during pregnancy…. I just had a newborn baby girl and this is the last child I will have, so I am on the weight loss path for good now. Also, losing weight and getting healthy is the focus of this year. I have been suffering from breathing problems for the last couple of years now, and I want to be rid of this. I believe I may also have an auto-immune disease that has gone undiagnosed. My health has not been good for a few years now, and I want to correct that for good. I cook food, living a Low carb lifestyle with REAL food, all made from scratch. No processed foods, no chemicals, no sugar, no grains. High Fat Low Carb HFLC Atkins diet, and ketogenic foods and meals will be uploaded once a week from here on out! Thanks for all the support!

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  • yay these are back love these videos hope to see more of them such yummy food.

  • Looks like you're on a good path. I've lost over 100 lbs eating LCHF and walking

  • lookin good. Not sure about all that sour cream. I guess 2tblspoons is 57 calories for regular. I'll have to keep it in mind! I'm on Weight Watchers I love my hummus but I use cucumbers! Looks like a great diet!

  • These are older videos. Have you gone back to eating this? Are you gluten intolerant? Why do you prefer Stevia?

  • YUM looks great I just posted a video kind of like this but of what my 4 year old ate today. ❤︎

  • So happy to see your low carb videos again! Your food looks delicious. I'll be over soon, lol. I'm back at LCHF and really loving it.

  • Lookin goooood! Yummy stuff

  • I want to eat it all. Yum!!

  • Looks great! How much have you lost?

  • watch your sodium intake!

  • The food looks great! Your doing rest on your healthy lifestyle!!

  • I've been eating mostly LCHF for 4 years now and have been able to maintain my weight loss the whole time. If I went back to eating bread, sugar and cereal, etc. I know the weight would come back on quickly. I just can't tolerate a lot of carbs. I eat gluten free too because of my sensitive system. It works well for me, but I realize this way of eating is not for everybody. Thanks for the video, Andrea!

  • Total Yum!

  • Way to go, Andrea! Yummy looking too! You and Hadar are the best of parents, especially with putting manners and respect right into your Rafael, and I know Abigail will be the same! I really commend you because there's not a whole lot of in the world anymore! I love Rafael so much!! You are so blessed and he and Abigail are so blessed to have you both, as such good parents!!

  • Your meals look great! Thanks for Sharing.

  • everything looks so good!

  • is this new or old? I saw the booster seat..food looks awesome

  • Love your videos I'm subscribed to both of your channels and can't get enough

  • These help me more than you will ever know keep em coming:)

  • WOW Andrea those meals look so yummy especially the meat and the Israel olives I love green olives.

  • Hi Andrea are you still staying under 20 carbs a day? I struggle to keep meals interesting , your meals look delicious think I'm overthinking the carb rule and not having enough 😳