What I Ate This Week – LOW CARB DIET – Week 3

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  • Your chicken dishes always look so good… but we know I'm a chicketarian. 🙂

  • The chicken all looked good but I don't know about that cottage cheese and yogurt, hmmmmm,lol, but maybe it is because I am not a big cottage cheese person, I need to work on that but everything else looked good! 😀 Susan

  • They sell cottage cheese here with yogurt in it and it tastes the same, just creamier. Do you like that one dessert with marshmellows and cottage cheese and I think oranges? It might be called orange fluff or something. I love that stuff.

  • lol it was really good. Hadar liked it too. We had it twice!

  • The chicken was great. The whole family ate that! lol.

  • Everything looks so yummy!!

  • OMG, I'm going to have to try that recipe for your chicken!! The eggplant looks yummy, too! Great video, Andrea!! Hugs, Colleen xox 🙂

  • Everything looked really yummy.

  • IM on to this low carbs stuff to how much fat, protein, and carbs is in I love this way of eating

  • No I don't eat that either but I did not know it had cottage cheese in it maybe that is why I don't eat it, ha ha

  • Wes & I have been doing cross fit {Wes, 3wks in}, Im on wk 2. Our trainer has put us on the Paleo diet & I have say its been awesome. We still avoid red meats {my no mammal craziness}, but finding a healthy medium has been awesome:)

  • I like the idea to add vanilla seeds and stevia to the yogurt/cottage cheese mixture! Gonna try it!

  • I thought it was really good. It might be even better if it were frozen a little bit.

  • I dont mind eating any type of meat, but I have issues with most seafood. Just wasn't raised on it and its hard to get used to it. I think paleo is great. I feel so much better eating this way than I do when I eat processed foods and junk. So nice to have a trainer, great job!

  • I really do too! Thanks, Tonya.

  • Mmm both were really good. Thanks, Colleen!

  • Thanks, Karen!

  • Thanks, Brenda. It was all pretty good, and all fast to cook – I like that too! I am so behind with you. I have to catch up this week. I hope you are doing well!

  • Thanks a lot, Louise! I think the chicken tastes pretty good even without flour and corn starch in it.

  • Hey girl. I think you'll like it after a few weeks. It makes me feel good, but it might be hard to get used to at first!

  • Oh its good. Let it cook off a bit with the soy sauce (wheat free, sugar free). It gives it a great flavor. Just about a table spoon, maybe a little more. I don't measure lol.

  • It was pretty good. All quick and easy meals. Thanks, Erica!

  • MMM thats one thing I've been missing lately – steak! I told Hadar to get the steaks we got last time, but he had no idea what I was talking about. I am feeling a bit better now, stress-wise. Hadar is gone this week, so I always just get lazy when he's not here lol. Gotta keep moving!! Thanks, Su!

  • It all looks great Andrea, will have to try that chicken recipe. Wasn't much of a huge chicken eater until now, we really are liking it on the bbq and stirfrys. And its something I can always get organic now. eggs are my go to breakfast, I can put it on, run and change into work clothes and come back and its done.

  • That's great lol. I wash the dishes while the eggs are cooking. You really gotta leave them alone and let them cook. Good routine!

  • I love these types of videos from you as well! I got lucky this time and was eating my dinner while watching! ((hugs))

  • I live these videos! I find them to be very interesting. Keep up the good work

  • lol No hunger for you then. I hate watching the Food Network and not having any food in the house!

  • Thanks a lot! Glad you like em!

  • Could you do a video for the recipe for the sweet and sour chicken please? Looks so good!

  • We should eat it again soon, and when we do, I'll make a recipe video =) I'll let you know.

  • I love watching what you eat 🙂

  • Great looking meals yet again.

  • Have you tried the low carb oopsie rolls? They are so good! All you need is cream cheese eggs & cream of tartar or vinegar. These things taste like real bread. The original recipe is from a blog called "your lighter side. " This is what made me stay on track.

  • I will look it up. Thanks a lot!

  • i need a chef =) and a housekeeper……and a nanny dang it!! lol! yummy looking food =)