What I Ate This Week – LOW CARB DIET – Week 1

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My highest weight: 333 pounds

I hope you all are having great weeks in your weight loss. We are gonna beat this fat over the head and finally live the way we want to. Every pound counts! I believe in you!

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  • Thanks a lot. I hope you are feeling good today! You're up pretty early!


  • Haha I can't even make this stuff up, what comes out of my mouth sometimes. Glad I caught that though and corrected it eventually! Thanks Lorette <3 Big hugs!

  • Oh Man!!! That's good eatin' How many people have you heard say similar things like, "If I had Oprah's money and could afford a personal chef, I could lose weight too."
    You are your own personal chef. You can cook the good foods and the variety of foods that keeps one on track.

  • I love your channel and videos you are so real I want to try the water fast but I'm afraid of the headaches because I already suffer from migraines

  • Lmao @old spice & old navy LOL ILY

  • ROFL You crack me up!! 🙂

  • I promise it gets better. It does get worse before that though. By the end of the week on a water fast, you may have found the source of your migraines and you'll be able to stop eating it or using it (chemical in the home). When I fasted the last time, I found out that sugar -even from fruit- was causing inflammation in my eyes. I would have blurry vision just after eating a piece of fruit and it would last for 2-3 hours. I was like "hey, that's the cause!" I don't have to wear glasses now!!

  • Haha <3 I wonder about myself sometimes.

  • That is such a nice thing to say. I really don't like to cook or prepare food too much, but I love to eat lol. Oh man, that is not a good combination is it? Thanks a lot, David!

  • Haha =D

  • Funny Andrea! The food looks good and healthy, you know here in the country we never knew we were eating "organic" we just ate what we grew and canned, a big part are still doing that, funny how people thought you were cheap and poor when you did it and now they say you are "green" and "organic"

  • Should you be eating high carb low fat diet to lose weight? You need carbs to keep your energy up and fat just makes you fat when you eat too much of it. Im just saying.

  • No I am quite happy losing weight this way. I am very satisfied and very full of energy, not depressed, and never craving any food. Perfect for me. Thanks!

  • I know, right? lol I remember kids in school making fun of my lunch haha.

  • "daddy's, mommy's, baby's" lol…i found that cute and funny

  • Loved the bloopers 🙂
    Your dishes looked delish! Especially the egg one. I'd love to know more about why you suggest organic eggs, please! I am always interested in organics, but never buy them. Thanks – really enjoy your videos!

  • Oh my goodness this made me so hungry! I love avocados, brussel sprouts, and that roast mmmmm. Oh! The salmon too I love salmon, never tried it with old navy before tho! LOL

  • Totally agree….weight loss is SUCH a personal journey. What works for one may not work for another. If this works for you – and keeps cravings down (cool!) – then more power to you!!
    I eat a very bland diet…most people would get bored, but I just love it. It works!

  • I know what you mean. My dad and my MIL eat bland diets. I think its gross, but they like it! My dad feels sick if he doesn't eat bland – he has a hiatal hernia.

  • Organic eggs are very healthy, but non-organic can be really dirty and full of some nasty bacteria. They are raised in really small cages where they aren't allowed to see the sun, scratch for bugs, or spread their wings. It's really sad, but more than that, they are pumped full of drugs and antibiotics and fed grain corn that is GMO. If I could afford all organic I would, but right now we argue over organic eggs, but I won't compromise LOL

  • Haha, yeah you better pass on that, and the Old Navy, too. That'd be gross! <3

  • Not everyone can enjoy a salmon filet with some old navy! haha

  • I really like eating this way. I feel really good on it. I know you do too or you wouldn't have stayed on it this long!

  • I eat like this to more of paleo diet thou have u heard abt the butter n coconut oil coffee search it called fatty coffee I love it. Is strange at first you blend some pure grass fed butter and coconut oil in coffee in blender best coffee and keep you full for hours I got it from Dave Asprey he said he use be 300 pounds he lost 100 with no exercise he did it paleo way thou with the coffee as well hugs love ya!

  • That sounds gross, but I'll try anything once – except for sushi LOL. I have heard of someone else putting coconut oil in their coffee and I thought it would be weird, but I love the taste of coconut oil. I used to eat a teaspoon of it before bed because it was hard for me to fall asleep. Actually, the more I think about it, the better it sounds. I'll try it tomorrow! Thanks a lot! Always interested in hearing what you're doing!

  • Interesting! The abuse alone that the chickens have to endure is enough for me…goodness. I just hate that. The cruel treatment that most animals who end up as food must endure kills me inside. As the owner of a horse that almost went for meat (and it is such a horrible death), I think they need to shape up how the whole process goes for cows, pigs and chickens, for example. I dont eat meat – but I do serve it to my husband.
    We'll have to look into organic eggs. Thanks for the information.

  • I agree, its just terrible! We actually went to the farm that has the eggs, meat, and milk so we feel good about it.

  • Thanks girl lol

  • 3 Salmon filets.. whoo that's a whole ton of heart healthy Omega 3s!

  • Yum!

  • Even as a vegetarian I thought your food looked great. Love seeing meals made with whole foods, and lots of love :-). Keep sharing, you're a wonderful inspiration.

  • Thanks a lot, Libby. I wanted to type more on my last comment, but Rafael hit the keyboard and sent it, so we're finishing the video up now lol.

  • Beautfiul meals Andrea. I wish you were my wife!! haha 🙂 How do you feel? Have you been eating strictly low carb like this? If so, you must feel carb withdrawl..or maybe you weren't so bad off. What are your plans for weight loss since you're home.

  • OMG ive been looking for ideas since im on the ketosis diet, ive gotten sick of my daily meals, love the meals! keep em comin!

  • That's why I made the video! Even though I eat the same thing over and over again, its still different from other people. Glad it helps!

  • Haha I have been eating this way since I've been home. Since I had higher fat, it has really helped get off those carbs from the states. I don't crave any foods at all right now, but I craved salmon the other day (thats good!). I feel really good on low carb. My mind is not so scribbled and my mood is not so anxious. I've been walking every day too. That helps A LOT! This morning I actually woke up feeling good! I love the state of "ketosis" because it is very calming to me.

  • Yum, I'm back on atkins diet and I love your choice of foods.

  • Thanks. I love the atkins diet. It's like freedom to me!

  • I'm going to try to eat the way you eat. I love your dedication its very inspiring.

  • Just found your videos today.  I love it!   I've started Low Carb for the second time.  Last time I lost 50lbs.  Your videos are very inspiring!

  • your portions are way too big, but great food choice