Weight Loss With Ketogenic Diet – My Story – Week 1-10 – Low Carb – Keto

First video about my progress from day 1-70 (10 weeks) on Keto. New videos will be posted each week on Sunday with weigh-ins, tips, Q&A, recipes, and also will be featuring others who have been sucessful on Keto. Subscribe to follow my weight-loss journey! More Below…


More information about Keto that I used from Reddit:

Reddit Keto:

13 Week Update:

  • I watched this again for encouragement. I have learned so much! I will have 28 days, 4 weeks complete Sunday!

  • Puedes ponder subtitles en español? Please!

  • Great work here. Thank you for sharing your experience with this revolutionary diet.

  • What's your average daily calorie intake pleae

  • Wow I saw the thumbnail for week 44 OMG that is crazy!! A different person!!!!

  • Is it ok to drink a glass of wine or two a few times a week while eating ketogenic diet? It's the one thing I don't want to let go of yet.
    thanks you look amazing btw.

  • I enjoyed this video. I am new to ketogenic

  • I am still struggling with what to eat and how much to eat

  • you don't know how grateful I am for this. Today is my first day on The ketogenic diet. So happy I found your channel!!!

  • Today is week 5 day 4 for me. I started at 234.6 pounds I'm now 223.4 pounds so that's 11.2 pounds lost in the first 2 weeks. It seems I have stalled out in weeks 4&5 I can't even get to 222. I am eating all the right foods actually I stopped eating vegetables altogether so I actually eat zero carbs a day. Still no change, can you help me please?

  • me gustaría que los comentarios fueran en español

  • what type of deserts do you eat on keto?

  • Hi Keto Karma, what does a typical menu look like for you?

  • Modified keto diet books that help people.
    => https://twitter.com/rl3f3/status/760053559392083968?pidid=68d9d849
    Trusted diet book up until now that I found..

  • Your story is beyond inspirational! So happy for you

  • Wow…Amazing!

  • Thanks! I just stared this week. you are an inspiration to me. Woulf you please share if you used some kind of book or website for your food intake? I am having a hard time counting my macros. I would like easy Recipies or A Day of What you Ate. Any advise helps, Thanks!

  • I am on keto for a month I loss only 8 pounds what I did wrong ?

  • please help me people lose like 20 ponds a month

  • Wow awesome I've been doing this for 5 months and only lost 22 lbs!?

  • just found you, looks like keto is working well for you, i'm going to check out your progress now on your other videos, great job

  • just started Keto, but the Keto Flu is killing me.

  • I just watched your 81 week update- WOW!! new person!!!

  • I decided to start in December, but gave myself a month to research. I have a friend who has done keto that recommended your videos. (Watch them all in order, was my instruction.) that and Reddit helped me to prepare so much. I started on January 9, and just hit 10 weeks. 38 down! I still have a lot more to lose, but I feel so amazing and motivated. I've been on a million diets in my life, and this has been the easiest, which I did not expect. Thank you so much for all of your help and motivation!

  • I am beyond frustrated. Trying really hard not to be but I am following every single keto rule and I am 6 weeks in with only a 5lb weight loss. I have no idea what the problem is. I see so many people losing crazy amounts of weight and it is hard not to find myself comparing and even more frustrated.

  • I'm sorry but you did not look that big to begin with! you carried your weight very well, of course health wise, you are way better off, but you look normal weight! maybe because I can't see a side view??? You look great.

  • 56 yrs old, 5'4", starting 184, day 8, 176. I'm so proud of you! I'm with you girl!