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  • LOL..this is why Dr. Neal Barnard reverses type 2 diabetes with a high carb vegan diet

  • LOL.. this is why a panel of scientists and doctors in Sweden just completed a two year collective study of the 16,000 studies over the last 10 years on the issue and now conclude that a high-fat, low-carb diet is the best way to lose weight. This diet is what reverses diabetes.

  • 10 years is along time to do it wrong.

  • LOL.. this is why a panel of scientists and doctors in Sweden just completed a two year collective study of the 16,000 studies over the last 10 years on the issue and now conclude that a high-fat, low-carb diet is the best way to lose weight.

  • Try things yourself, before saying Harley is wrong

  • Sure losing weight is a great concept for the majority of people. I was vegetarian for 21 months and within four months of starting this life change, my life went to sh*t. I now have anxiety, mild depression, low energy, terrible complexion, and thinning hair. Avoiding fats is sadly a very mainstream fad now-a-days which I firmly believe is closely connected to these problems. 

  • Also, vitamins and minerals are mainly fat soluble. People who are very thin tend to have lower vitamin levels than those of a "fat" person. Just some "food for thought" pun  

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  • How many calories can one store as glycogen?

  • This almost-magical weight melting method burns pounds faster than any powders, pills, or potions.  Just Go and Google Fat Blast Factor to find out more.

  • Why such a misleading title?  Have you no morals at all?

  • Just a few things….

    1. Sustained exposure to excess carbohydrates whether complex or not will cause insulin resistance. It is the primary cause of type 2 diabetes. Anybody claiming to reverse diabetes by eating excessive carbohydrates is reckless.

    2. 'No exceptions – rice munchers are always trim'  – I would suggest you research a Japanese sport called 'Sumo' and look at how 500lb+ guys train for 12+ hours a day and consume upwards of 20,000kcal a day – mostly in rice.

    3. Glucose is a dietary source of energy storage NOT an energy source used by the body. The human body cannot use glucose as energy. The body can only use substance called ATP. Fat, proteins and cabs are all converted in mitochondria into ATP. If you wish to see how this process works, please research the krebs cycle and electron transfer/transport chain. This will explain how tiny organelles found inside cells create ATP.

    4. Bananas contain relatively low levels of potassium-40 – which is mildly radioactive. Eating 3 or 4 poses no threat, but your advert for 30 a day is again… reckless. As well as this, excess bananas can damage the nervous system and cause hyperkalemia which can (and often does) lead to cardiac arrest.

    Dispensing correct medical advice to people takes many years of study and training and is very easily undone by this kind of thing.

  • It is true that you can eat a lot of fruit ..do some cardio..maybe 30 minutes of walking a day and you drop like 10 pounds in 5 days..and some would say it's water weight but if it was, why is the water a dark yellow? That's fat being flushed and other toxins from processed foods.

    I also know that a low carb diet of fats, meat, cheese and seafood works very fast.. it's harder to maintain either because on a fruit diet, you can sometimes crave other things and on a low carb diet, you can crave fruit like crazy. . If you're strict on both, they work well!

    I lost close to 45 pounds in 5 weeks on the Atkins diet.. put weight back on but it does work! As much as the raw food diet is best for us health wise, it's also a hard lifestyle to stay with.. everything take a Lil discipline and nobody's wrong because there's not one person who doesn't want to be happy or feel good. I promise you that

  • Have you ever heard of someone regular shedding fat–and enjoying 3 full scrumptious meals at the same time? Copy and Paste into Google Fat Blast Furnace to discover more.

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  • My balls are hangin' real low right now…

  • You and banana lady are right..and I'm happy raw fruit is the way to go because I am always being told I need to learn to cook better and eat lots of salad to loose weight .And the sugar in eating too much fruit is unhealthy. I LOVE fruit and hate salad its the taste and texture of leafy salad I can't stand. So glad I can eat tones of fruit and loise weight. But do I need to be 109% raw. I do love a hot meal.

  • Harley, I think for me, without a thyroid, we dont have dietary thermogenesis so we do have to watch it a bit. at best we are impaired. 

  • Great video.

  • I did are vegan years ago and I had kids my iron and b12 levels dropped drastically low and couldn't stop bleeding after I had a home birth. I developed an immunological disorder in which every month I have to manually inject myself with a b complex. I like the concept but paleo has worked for me, my body type, and my family.

  • durian i wanna become as knowledgeable as you, where do i start, please respond!!

  • It is a miracle, I lost 50 pounds as I did ?, look here +Emilie Kesinger

  • Do you have any tips for people that are fructose intolerant? The struggle is real…

  • If the one who spoke had researched himself he'd know that sumo wrestlers eat a specific high-protein diet to pack on girth. The main attraction is a stew called Chankonabe which can have any number of meats in it, chicken being the most popular due to superstition. It's basically as much meat as you can possibly eat with broth. If they were eating mainly rice (traditional Japanese fare) as alleged there's no way they could get that big, especially with that training regimen.