Weight Loss Transformation Before and After Pictures

– 184lb Weight Loss Transformation. Weight Loss Before and After pictures. Extreme weight loss without surgery. Watch my weight loss transformation. I lost 184 pounds on a low carb Atkins diet and exercise programs. Join me in 2013 Weight Loss Challenge. Journey to lose 100lbs.

We all know weight loss is not easy. If you are looking to make a serious weight loss transformation then be prepared to put in the time work and effort. In the beginning you may lose weight fast but typically before you complete your body transformation your weight loss will slow down.

This is when patience and a bit of extra effort will come in handy. If you want to lose weight diet and exercise are key. You may hate to workout but workout you must. If you are one of those persons who hates exercise then opt for a workout program you love, like zumba, yoga, a cardio workout or even P90X. Ok you may not love P90X, at first anyway, but you will get results.

– Do I workout? You betcha! i’ve done several cardio workouts as well as weight lifting and resistance training. Some routines i’ve completed are Tony Horton P90, Les Mills Pump, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and I am currently doing a hybrid of Les Mills Pump and Les Mills Combat.

Feeling amped? Tired of being one of the fat people? join me on my 2013 weight loss challenge!

  • Thanks for sharing, you may have been heavier at first but you had a beautiful smile….. keep smiling!

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  • NEw to ur page but I am going to try this I need to lose 60 lbs

  • ur inspirited me <3

  • WOW ! You are def a inspiration. i started atkins 2 days ago , i weight 420 pounds ! how did atkins work for you ? how did you excersise how much did you excersise?

    Thanks 🙂

  • you look different but congrats

  • Wow I'm very impressed!

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  • You look absolutely Fabolous

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  • thank you for sharing your story, you look amazing, your story is very encouraging. furthermore I'm on my way downstairs to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes come back upstairs and do 30 minutes of hip hop abs : -)

  • Very motivating! You look great, and you can just see it in your face that you feel better!!!

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  • This has truly made my day! I'm sitting here just going through videos and I ran across you. I have basically the same scar. When you mentioned the pin stinging pain and the itching it made me feel like someone really knows what im suffering. I will looking into surgery soon as possible.
    Your whole story has been a great inspiration to me, today I will begin to change what I can, starting with my weight. You look amazing!!


  • I must say you look incredible, great job, you have motivated me! Thanks for sharing!

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