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  • Your blood sugars are doing awesome!!!! Good job lil sis!!! My weakness is bagels and cream cheese,which I have no business touching so that's something I need to work on.we all have struggles honey that's what makes us human.so we need to put our big girl panties on tell our minds no more pizza and no more bagels!!!!!we got this girlie! Keep your head up don't look back on yesterday. One day at a time !!!

  • Great video keep up the good and dont forget to check out demarious Mallett the journey

  • Talk to John about not ordering pizza, but making it yourselves. He can help you with your weakness. "I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

  • keep pushing… you are doing Great even though you have a hick up your still havent gave up!!! last year i started my diet and did about as many days as you have, and my birthday came during my diet and i fell off and another birthday has came around and gone and i still havent got back on track. you inspire me with your low carb meals and you whole jouney. keep up the good work.

  • The struggle is VERY REAL Beck. Doesn't matter who u are or how strong u are or what your weaknesses are. We are all in this together and our journeys may be different but they are full of up and downs. The important thing is that we stick together and help each other STICK TO THE JOURNEY!! I struggle every day with exercise. Most days I only do about 10 min. We just have to stop beating ourselves up for the slip ups so that we can keep our mind on the right track. You are doing awesome . Don't let a few slices of pizza get u down girl!! U GOT THIS BECK. I need my daily dose of happy, excited Beck….I honestly can't wait to see how u look and feel in another month. Hugs from canada xxoo

  • Prayers for the south. God bless all those affected by the hurricanes

  • Awlsome Beck!!!πŸ˜„πŸ‘β€β€

  • Your blood sugar is so much better everyone struggles much continued sucess with your weight loss journeyπŸ‘‹πŸ‘

  • I'm back if you would look in the frozen food department in your grocery store weight watchers has a pizza maybe you ought to try one of them I'm like you know I'm a pizza lover myself and I've tried the weight watchers pizza and they are delicious so maybe you want to try one of those awesome I'm not trying to tell you want to eat or what not to eat but I love you A pizza lover like myself so just a suggestion OK you have a nice blessed day and I'm looking forward to your next hall

  • Baby girl quit beating yourself up over this pizza business OK I'm a Godbey and I have my struggles with suites couple times a month I'll go through a phase where all I want to eat a sweet sweet sweet and it has taken over my mind because that's all I ever think about two but please quit beating yourself up over this pizza you will get back on your journey it's hard you got supporters adhere and I'm one of those I am one of those supporters I think you've done wonderful so far and dissipates that I don't think you're going to gain your weight that bad this but you can try like a thin crust veggie pizza and like I said they yeah white watchers pizza but am I'm with you 100% I am very proud of what you've done so far and I know a lot of your supporters and Lot of your YouTube or's are proud of you so just hang in there you'll get it done

  • Quit thinking that you've let everybody down you have not let God down one bit he's there with you all through this be proud that you lost those 3 pounds you know you have to lose a pound at a time back and I'm going to be here to help support you OK my problem is I weigh 165 OK I'm 64 years old all they tell me to do is 888 and I get tired of people telling me that I've got to eat in and the more they tell me to eat the less I want to eat it's because I'll eat when I get hungry it back please quit putting yourself down look at you look in the mirror and stay to yourself I've lost 23 town I can do this and I'm going to do this and if I have to be there to urge you or to help you along please let me do that for you OK because I think you are a beautiful person inside οΏΌ

  • You're doing great girlie, I'm starting Monday probably will be cranky for few days lol, hang in there. Have a great weekend πŸ’•