Weight Loss Diet: Low Carb Mashed Potatoes

this is a simple recipe you can make to replace starchy and fattening mashed potatoes! This can also be made raw and you may use a food processor if you don’t have a vitamix blender. Enjoy!
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  • Well said~ Dashama!!! Xx

  • thanks sweetie..What a wonderful recipe. i love creativity with new healthy dishes..i never thought of anything like this one before.. going to make it for sure.. I'm looking forward to a new one of your creative yoga demos x

  • Courgeous woman.

  • Looks great. You're body is amazing. I have never done Yoga before, and can barely touch my toes, is there help for me..lol ?

  • Dashama you are so cute… I will try to make šŸ™‚ Thanks

  • Ill subscribe

  • More of this! Thanks! I'll suscribe

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  • I'm planning to replace my rice with mashed potato at every meal. You see I have high blood pressures at 140/90 and I have read that eating potatoes and bananas can help lower down your blood pressure. I am aiming to be back at my 110 LBS weight – I am now 130 LBS.

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  • Thanks to fad diets, people are afraid of carbs. Nothing wrong with carbs and starch. Carbs don't usually turn to fat which is a common misconception. Just use almond milk and add it when you mash the potatoes. Check out the Starch Solution by Dr. McDougall. Make mashed potatoes with almond milk and put mushroom gravy on top (mushroom juice with flour).

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  • Man, you have beautiful skin!
    What do you use on your for face care and hair?
    Love your videos, thanks! šŸ™‚

  • i'm not sold that she actually thought it tasted yummy lol
    i've been debating trying mashed cauliflower but i so very much love real mashed potatoes that i just know that they will not be good….lol…i mean i LOVE real mashed potatoes…sigh…..but i do need to stop eating them…

  • I love watching you Dashama; there is something about your expression that captivates me and holds me in a kind of sensual bliss. I was on my way to finding your raw chocolate pud recipe but i keep getting distracted. Think ill try the mash but with less liquid.
    Thanks for continuing to provide these videos.

  • Nice recipe. I give it a try.Ā 

  • Ive seen recipes with beans as well. I haven't tried but i would imagine it would improve the texture. and the protein count.

  • This is supposed to be "diet". I think you missed that part mistakenly šŸ˜€