Weight Loss Before & After Photos

My body shape transformation!

This video is all about how I lost body fat and changed my body shape. I went from being an apple shape with a large upper body, no waist line and a flat butt, to going in at the waist and having a larger butt and thighs than I did before.

The first part of the video shows a more recent fat loss I achieved without losing any weight (actually gaining 1 kg of muscle in under a month), the second part shows my overall results since 2013, losing 30 lbs/14 kilograms and reducing my body fat/changing my body shape.

I did this primarily with exercise. I did not eat low carb or low calorie. I do eat a fairly high carb plant based diet (but am not fully vegan as you can see by the free range eggs). I tried to have a decent calorie deficit per week but I did this through increasing my exercise, not decreasing my food significantly. I accepted a while ago that I like carbs, that they are not evil, and that wholegrain and whole food carbs like wholemeal pita bread, beans, lentils and fruit make me feel nourished, in a better mood and more able to exercise. I will never, ever eat low carb high protein, it does not suit me whatsoever, and I don’t eat meat so it would not work. Of course you should cut out refined carbohydrates, but whole food carbs like beans, lentils and fruit are full of fibre and are not the enemy of belly fat like some people say. For me, vigorous red-faced sweaty cardio and making sure I don’t overeat most days is what burns the belly fat.

In a day, I will typically do a bare minimum of 10,000 steps (but aim for 15-20,000). I also make sure that I work up a sweat and get intense & vigorous exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes per day at least 5 times per week in addition to the walking.

I also make sure to do a bit of seated leg press a couple of times a week. But I feel the main thing that has improved my butt and legs is mostly walking/jogging (for the fat loss) and cycling. I usually cycle on almost the highest resistance the bike can be set on, so it’s like strength training, not just cardio.

Height – 5’4
Current weight – 171 lbs
Previous weight – 203 lbs
Never been pregnant. I was just blessed with that gut

  • U inspired me u showed your before and during and after at all angles u look marvelous

  • I'm just now starting to watch your videos and all I have to say is you are beautiful and I hope you keep trying to hit your goal weight. I'm really proud of you and your progress already, good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • I was eating. So cruel…

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  • Thanks everyone

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  • This is so inspirational

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  • well done girl. im always happy when people take their health seriously i lost a total of 64lbs and im a complete different person my life is based on health and fitness its amazing to accomplish it. well done x

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  • im on a diet but i have fucking anxiety i wanna start MMA and go to gym i asked my brother my friends nobody will and im scared to go alone and im getting fatter G9WEHAIOKLDS,.

  • HI great video I subbed you I hope u subs me back please i love your videos

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  • Belly how many month did you take to loss weight?

  • I will admit I'm a bit overweight. I tired this really intense workout and I did it for nearly two months and I didn't see any changes and got very disappointed and discouraged. But now thanks to you I'm going to get my life back on track and get healthy again. It's been hard to find a workout for my body's shape but we have the same body type and now it's time to start fresh and new thank you!!

  • I am also on a walking for weight loss journey. I've lost 20 lbs in 30 walking days. Way to go Jen.

  • How long did it take you? You look great btw ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • i jog from 4 months and i lost maybe only 7lbs !

  • Thanks for giving me strength. I was so close to give up, but after watching your video I have a second breath!!! P.S: I apologize for my english