Weight Gain Shakes: “The Incredible Bulk” Mass Building Shake Recipe

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This is a solid mass building shake recipe from Troy Adashun. If you’re a fan of delicious high calorie shakes that will help you pack on lean muscle mass, you’ll love this video.

Weight gain shakes are the perfect way to feed your body a calorie surplus and help you pack on lean muscle mass. High calorie shakes allow you to consume a calorie surplus very easily without having to sit down and cook and eat a large meal.

The best weight gain shake recipes will contain every vital macronutrient for your muscle-building needs. This weight gainer shake contains protein, slow digesting carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Weight gain shakes for men don’t have to be boring and bland. This high calorie protein shake recipe tastes like chocolate and peanut butter!

Weight gain drinks are Troy’s favorite way to consume a calorie surplus on days when he is busy and on the go. Weight gain shake recipes should contain every muscle-building macronutrient that skinny guys need for rapid muscle growth.

The Incredible Bulk Mass Building Shake Recipe

Ingredients Needed:

0:28 – Skim milk (perfect liquid base for any high calorie shake recipe)

1:02 – Peanut butter (Muscle-building shakes for skinny guys need to have peanut butter. It’s a great way to build muscle and create a calorie surplus.)

1:35 – Chocolate or vanilla whey protein (Weight gain shakes without protein is like peanut butter and jelly without peanut butter. Muscle-building shakes need to have some kind of protein powder.)

2:02 – Oatmeal or whole-grain oats (This is the secret ingredient to a highly effective weight gain drink.)

High calorie protein shakes should have a great combination of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. This delicious chocolate-peanut butter smoothie contains all of the following and will help you pack on rock solid lean muscle mass.

Not only do weight gain shakes help you pack on muscle mass, but they are also delicious.

Let me know about your favorite muscle-building shake recipes in the comments, and I will try them out.

Happy Bulking Season, everyone!

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  • i love ur channel

  • how many time a day should i have this shake i am skinny. also can someone post a link on were i can purchase the exact protein shakeplz.

  • Is soy bean considered as skim milk? can i use soybean instead of skim milk to blend with weight gainer for higher calories?

  • right after I watched this is made a shake cause I was hungry as hell. but this is a great idea. I just changed the 1.5 cups of milk to like 4-5 cups bc of my protein powder, and that's how I like to take my protein. and bc of the flavor of my protein flavor I didn't add the peanut butter or chocolate but I added the oats. but I guess the absences of the peanut butter was OK bc of the additional milk.

  • why didnt i find you earlier man? love every single one of your videos! God bless you 🙂

  • can you also use nutella in stead of peanut putter, bcause i dont Like peanut butter

  • If I was to make a load of these how long roughly do you think it would take for them to expire and go bad?

  • two thubs up.. great shake.. and great taste!

  • i have a weight gainer shake recipe without whey … and it hasa lot more calories .. i gaines 6 kgs with that in less than 2 months … its obviously fattay so only for really skinny guys who need that fat too

  • is it for before workout or after?

  • сработало!

  • how is your peanut butter so liquidy?
    what i have is super firm!

  • was I the only one looking at his hairline the whole time?

  • how about
    2 frozen bananas
    5 scoops of powdered milk (cuz lactose intolerant here)
    2 tablespoons of Nuttella
    4 tablespoons of peanut butter
    45 grams of quick oats.

  • my question is all these ingredients high amount of sugar what about that?isn't that bad?

  • just a tip, NEVER mix in strawberrys like i did, not a good combo

  • I'm going to make this every post workout, does anyone know if adding bananas and whole milk a good idea??

  • is this considered a meal replacement? or should I eat something before hand?

  • Rip everyone with peanut allergies

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