Week 10 Weigh-In: The Importance Of Ongoing Goals

This video series catalogues my attempt to lose the last 50 pounds in my weight loss journey. I’m doing it in public as a way of keeping myself motivated, and to help me stay honest and accountable to more than just myself.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and/or lend support to those who need it. And thanks for watching.

Essential Tools That I Use In My Low Carb Kitchen:

For those interested in pursuing a low carb lifestyle, I HIGHLY recommend the following great books:

“Why We Get Fat,” by Gary Taubes —
“The Art And Science Of Low Carbohydrate Living,” by Stephen D. Phinney and Jeff S. Volek —
“The New Atkins For A New You” —

Great low carb cookbooks I can’t live without:
1) “The Real Meal Revolution” —
2) “The Ketogenic Cookbook” —

Related Reading:
“The Big Fat Surprise,” by Nina Teicholz —

  • I love the message in this video…I'm right there with ya. We should TOTALLY be celebrating our successes (not just the scale moving down) and not down-playing them. I started walking 2 weeks ago…started at 3k steps per day ans now I'm up to 10+k per day! For the first time in my life I'm moving my body for MENTAL health, not for weight loss. That's a huge success for me…!

  • going more Paleo diet wise will help you feel way better. A huge plate of roasted veggies with some sweet potatoes cooked in coconut oil, with 2 whole eggs cooked in some leftover bacon grease is a amazing brunch. Tonight I am having a small steak with roasted veggies, salad greens, and sauteed mushrooms and onions (may have a baked potato too). I too have to ditch the caffeine and alcohol because they are not helping me get to my goals. I am not eating low carb but rather whole food. I am okay with potatoes and the once in a blue moon some rice. But you will not see me eating bread or pasta (I dont eat dairy)…I love it but I deserve to feel good and those food don't do it. I own it to myself to do what I need to do to be the best version of myself I can.

  • You are amazing Dot. You know what, anyone can set goals. We do so just about every day. The thing is not everyone can achieve them. You Miss Dot are an exception! !

  • I seem to be going up and down the same 5 pounds as well! Still haven't quite gotten the grip on this keto thing yet!

  • You're doing great! It's so hard not to gain weight. And yes, stress is a real monster if we let it take over. I am taking meditation as a stress reliever and it does help. It's helped me through my journey with cancer and the tough treatment. I do understand what you are going through. You will beat it. I know you can do it! I'm with you an I thank you for sharing your journey and weight loss goals with all of us. You are amazing! By the way love your recipes. 🙂

  • Dot, you are so pretty in pink! The mental side of weight loss is a bear! The thing is we have no choice health wise except to keep going. I love your videos. I am celebrating 40 lbs. today after a 6 week plateau. I still have more to go and am 67 so its a struggle, but I am as you say "celebrating" and loving keto. I try to keep it simple. Good luck sweetie! xoxoMarjorie

  • So true!we need to see big picture
    Thanks Jennifer

  • ❤️

  • I am very grateful to have watched this video this morning. I got on the scale and am way, way over where I should be, I having gained 15 pounds in just the last few weeks. I fell (jumped?) off of the low carb band wagon at that time. And you know what? It was anything but worth it. If there is anyone here who is struggling right now and considering “just a few days off”, don’t do it! Thanks for the encouragement. Today is the day to turn the ship back around.

  • I've been following the keto diet since 9/25, and aside from the easy weight loss, which has been quite a surprise since i've struggled with my weight and diets most of my life… I'm truly blown away at how calm and relaxed I am on this diet. I used to be very stressed, easily 'triggered', quick to fly off the handle, and I found it very difficult to cope. Now I'm very chill and I enjoy feeling this peaceful …. even tho my other circumstances haven't changed, only my diet, I can let go the things that used to push every button. I didn't realize before going keto, just how much my blood sugar and high insulin levels (insulin resistance) 'stressed' me out, but that obviously is the real difference now that I'm in ketosis. That said, I was surprised when i heard you say that you drink alcohol because alcohol is pure sugar and if you're consuming it, it more than likely will either kick you out of ketosis or will prevent you from getting into ketosis. Certainly, you're well aware of this. But, I'm just mentioning it, cos if you want to take care of stress, and forgive me for offering unsolicited advice here, I would immediately cut out the alcohol and get into ketosis because this is absolutely the most stress-free lifestyle I've ever experienced… no hunger, no cravings, no mood swings… it's so wonderful to be this mellow. I used to crave sugar 100% of the time before getting into ketosis, not having those cravings is like food liberation. I've lost 35 pounds since 9/25 and that has been miraculous and I have 40 pounds to go, but energetically, I feel like i've reached my goal 2 months ago! From my experience with alcohol, and with other people I know who drink, they tend to be sugar-fiends… the alcohol causes sugar cravings and adds a lot more stress. If I were in your shoes, I'd cut out the alcohol and the sugar alcohols as well… the beauty of the ketogenic diet is having the craving for sugar totally disappear. i would focus on that first and give it a try before cutting out dairy… especially since it seems like you enjoy dairy. Mostly because some dairy products could help you get into ketosis…. like cream cheese for example which is 5x more fat than protein, heavy cream, butter (butter will make your pants fall off!), fatty cheese like brie (avoid milk and yogurt which is too much sugar). If you're still not making progress reaching your goals than eliminate dairy, but just my opinion of course, i think it's best to eliminate one thing at a time. Just my 2 cents for whatever it's worth. All the best 💫

  • You should check out Dr. Eric Berg's channel. He has some great information. You may also want to investigate something called IF (intermittent fasting)….I'm feeling a lot better since I've incorporated IF. Dr. Berg has videos on IF as well. I don't know him at all. I just watch his channel and think he has some really good info. Good luck! (Gina)

  • Smaller losses each week tend to stay off compared to big losses.

  • V L

    .2lbs I'd take it right now…… Although I've been doing "everything" right and doing IF …somehow I've gained back 4.4lbs over the last 1 1/2 -2wks Ugh !
    I just don't understand why
    Good luck with what you're doing Dot …. I wish you all the best