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Plant based protein vs Animal protein, side effects of animal protein, side effects of whey and dairy, can vegans build as much muscle as non vegans, testosterone levels in vegans, amino acid in plants, cholesterol from eggs for muscle building, bodybuilders, muscle recovery, calcium, is 1 calorie a calorie myth, fats vs carbs, disease.

  • Great vid. Love the scientific evidence that you showcased.

  • I'm curious how many calories was he consuming during his meat eating phase. He seems leaner, but maybe he was consuming less calories.

  • Did any one else get a KFC ad at the start 😣😥😂

  • Good job. It would have been good to discuss sugar and its effects etc on bodybuilding on a vegan diet.

  • Every vegetarian would be a little healthier if they ate fish for the omega fatty acids. Its not just about protein a well rounded diet of meat and veggies is the best.

  • He is full of knowledge. I enjoyed this video.

  • When I was trying to get my scholarship for a d1 offensive lineman I would eat around 5k Cal's a day, meat included. That was to go from 205 pounds to 290 pounds. This guy maybe weighs 205 as a bodybuilder, but eats 5k-7k Cal's a day, bullshit. After being vegan for 3 weeks as an ex offensive lineman I have noticed that on a vegan diet it is almost impossible to eat 5k Cal's on a vegan diet. You feel full by the time you eat 500 Cal's of beans rice and broccoli. While I agree with most of what they say, in order to be a vegan body builder you need to have a lot of money put aside, especially to consume 5k-7k Cal's a day

  • I'm gonna try this.

  • anyone whos watching this and thinking about going vegan dont ,it ruined my gains gave me gyno puffy nipples low energy no sexdrive whatsoever i felt terrible mentally also social anxiety my test levels dropped ,im now back on a balanced diet 20 protein 40 carbs 40 fats ratio and im slowly looking and feeling better energy levels are coming back i was weak and had not a bit of motivation i even skipped workouts a lot ,now im back to eating saturated fats and increasing my T im starting to feel more confident with less anxiety ,it honestly put me back a lot going vegan i was starting to get in shape tgen got thecsilly idea to go vegan my nipples are still puffy hopefully now im eating saturated fat and creating more test they should ease off

  • 2 months Vegan and I feel great physically and mentally…alot people will talk shit but thats part of the business just keep doin you and keep making gains and push hard in the glorious house of gains!

  • this dude is chill and not patronizing! he deserves his vegan medal! 🙂

  • So meat eater here….. made fun of plenty of vegans in my life, BUT will say I enjoyed this video and the info. Might try a 30 day run

  • Great video
    Thanks from Germany
    Don't go bacon, go vegan

  • So you supplement the things you can't get in vegetables and fruit.

  • What a great informative video it's helped me have a better understanding and also motivates me to make the life style change wish me luck! Awesome info and not just "bro science" but actual science.

  • You guys are spot on…. love it!!

  • Love this! Thanks for shedding light and knowledge on this subject my family and I have just switched to vegan and ive already witnessed some criticism and such from people who have no clue what theyre talking about it. just feels good to have it verified that its not what people assume it is. Also great to know the key macro balance on a vegan diet because I was first concerned with how much carbs I'd be eating but with the low fat it makes total sense and then the protein of course all doesnt need to come from powder is also reassuring. Still working on new meal prep recipies and all that are enjoyable but its going really well!

  • Why do people think body building is fitness?

  • 5-7,000 calories a day, you defy science, the only way you could take in that many calories on a daily basis is if you are burning 2-4,000 of those calories a day doing cardio, plus you would be eating all day long trying to get that many calories on a plant based/vegan diet without using supplements.  Eating extra calories beyond your daily expenditure of anything will make you gain weight.

  • Come here to my lab, eat 5000 calories a day and let me measure your daily caloric expenditure. Unless you're balancing intake and output, you WILL get fat.

  • Hey! Great video and I couldn't agree more with you guys. I do have one question though. If plant based proteins are so much more efficient, why are not all professional bodybuilders on a plant based diet? Like the highest levels ex:Olympia. I mean they put so much effort into nutrition, workouts, supplements, etc. Why are they not utilizing plant based proteins if they are so amazing for the human body for absorption and muscles building capacities. My best guess for why is MONEY. please let me know what you guys think! Again great video!

    Cheers from Canada