Trying the KETO DIET For A Week (Low Carb High Fat Diet)

Should I continue the keto diet? Tell me in the comments below πŸ™‚
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What’s up What’s up! This past week I completely changed my diet from eating high protein, high carb and low fat to eating almost no carbs, way less protein and high fat. This week has been challenging as well as eye opening to say the least. I’m not sure if I’ll keep up the keto diet, but I’d love to hear what you think I should do in the comments section below!

  • #TFNFAM EARLY SQUAD!! This week has been a JOURNEY. For real. What do you think? Should I keep doing keto? Tell me!!

  • Was day one your first day eating keto or being in ketosis?

  • You kind of sound like Pajama Sam

  • Please please keep the scientific perspective in your videos!

  • Subbed because of this video, you're awesome…I've been wondering about the whole "keto" wave, might give it ye old good faith try! Thanks :*

  • I had to stop the video when you said glucose was the bodies preferred source of energy.

  • "offline, hanging out with people,being socialble"… ummm how about no😐… **goes back under blanket*** NEVERRRR!!!

  • When I was on keto the cravings never went away. My mood never settled into a happy
    or comfortable state, and I was on it for almost 4 months – including over Christmas last year. The aftermath? I ended up binge eating and gained quite a bit of body fat.

    I'm now on the opposite spectrum with lower fats and a higher
    intake of carbs, this works better for me. I don't constantly feel deprived of things I really like to eat and I'm gradually dropping body fat.

    While I agree keto can be good for some people, for others it
    can be less of an enjoyable experience.

  • I peed on a strip and it came back light purple keto goals

  • Abby please make a video on how to track macros. I am so confused with that issue.

  • OK, I understand how this works, for the most part. But what about cholesterol? Does that also just burn away with normal fat?

  • a GRAIN of rice; a KERNEL of corn….

  • Keto did not work for me! I was told I was losing slow! But I lose just as slow eating healthy carbs. I also never felt energetic like others say they do on Keto. I'm not sure, but maybe that diet just didn't work for me.

  • Some say Chicken broth helps with keto flu. Need to get enough electrolytes.

  • Why would you purposely only eat fat I couldn't do that I barley consume any fat

  • you should eat higher fat. the hunger and fatigue should go away

  • Hilarious that the linked ad is for white wonder bread.

  • Also, Keto is a bullshit. Its just the atkins diet rebranded, which has been show over and over again to be the WORST rebound diet. Yes you lose lots of weight fast, Then gain it all back plus some.

  • Go to Eric Berg for very useful information on the ketogenic diet

  • I give you a lot of credit for trying this. I think you're too obsessed with calories, especially since you're not overweight. For cravings, make hard boiled eggs. Trust me, you can't eat more than 2 or 3 at most. 3 eggs is 210 calories. Not going to ruin any daily caloric intake. You also need to add salt as you lose salt with the water. Sea salt (cheap at Trader Joes) supplies salt AND trace minerals that are so crucial to health, and most people are lacking. And there's nothing wrong with coffee. Just make sure to use whole cream. The handful of carbs won't spike your insulin and the high fat keeps you in ketosis and stops craving.

    Keto flu is carb withdrawal. Carbs are as addictive, if not more so, than drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. Again, coffee with heavy cream is of enormous help to get through this. If coffee keeps you up at night, switch to decaf.

    And don't listen to the elitist keto gurus–go ahead and use ketone urine strips as motivation – cheap at Walmart. The potentially false reading is the negative reading. Trust me, if you're seeing 40+mg/dl on the strip you're in heavy ketosis. There's no way in hell your blood isn't loaded with ketones.

  • Great intro to keto. Six weeks into it myself.

  • Keto flu takes more than a week to get through

  • Full day of eating here we go!

  • Can somebody tell me where she was raised? I wanna know why she talks the way she does.

  • I did this a few years ago, my plan was to do it for two weeks to see if it would help with insulin sensitivity and lose the last few pounds (I heard that's how long it takes to adapt). The first week was rough, but after that, I found it was hard to eat enough calories because I completely lost my appetite and interest in food. I would arrive home at 8pm and realize I only ate 800 calories so far, and I didn't have anything keto friendly except for coconut oil, which I regret I tried to eat with a spoon. After stocking up on better food I ended up going for a whole month because I noticed that my severe acne was disappearing fast. I had the nicest skin I ever had, and I've stuck to low carb high fat ever since then to keep my skin clear. I can't stick to keto though, too low carb and I start getting chest pain. Oh yeah, and I lost 5lbs, I looked great until Christmas came around πŸ™‚
    Ooo 111 for gas, it's like 130 here in Vancouver…

  • 5% of your calories should come from carbs, it's unhealthy to have absolutely no carbs. Doing it that way, you should enter ketosis about 3 weeks in and tbh it makes you feel GREAT

  • I like the way she kind of has a lisp, it's cute haha

  • one week is not enough. I bet you can go for one month, that would be more challenging and give more results

  • You should try it with high protein and fat like atkins diet

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  • It's not likely to get past the bad part in just a week.

  • You are so smart it's crazy 😍😭

  • The ketogenic diet raises all cause mortality risk. It puts you at risk of diabetes, cancer, atherosclerosis, heart disease, gout, stroke, glaucoma, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias and the list goes on.

    Whoever told you to go on a ketogenic diet is an idiot. It will kill at risk individuals, it will make you sick. It has been known to kill people as young as teenagers. You are destroying your health.

    There is no good science behind it, it's put together by the meat egg and dairy industry.

  • ….but you're already skinny…WTF are you trying to lose? ??? :/

  • i did keto for 6 weeks, dropped 26 lbs, put a pause on the diet because of an expensive vacation… gained 15 lbs in 5 days… and started keto and detoxing again dropped 11 of those pounds in 4 days. it's insane. i never want to go off the keto diet again honestly. pizza tasted amazing in the moment, but how i felt afterwards wasn't worth it at all. i feel the most physically cleansed and sharp minded when im on keto.

  • Ketosis is a dangerous process to be in, actually. It isn't that safe. I don't wanna be giving out my opinion but, really they teach it in 5th grade here. You do you, though.

  • yes, quick snacks= yummy aged cheddar cheese, a piece of lunchmeat. Leftover cream cheese pancakes. pork rinds are my go to when others are eating tortilla chips and salsa. I have pork rinds and home made salsa. Mmmm. and of course hard boiled eggs. or quick scrambled eggs. I have lots of cheeses, meats, eggs, home made mayo, blue cheese dressing, and vegetables in my fridge. and lots of fermented stuff. sourkraut, pickles, stuffed olives. Keto on my friend… it is bad ass

  • My reason for trying the ketogenic diet is I had to get off of sugar. I was a sugar addict, in my coffee, had to have chocolate or a cake after every meal. so many carbs. even eating really healthy I would still want a cookie after. I was always hungry, I kept hearing carbs make you crave more carbs its an unending hamster wheel. I could lose weight, I felt desperate sometimes. I realized i was probably insulin resistant. SO I decided to try the ketogenic diet. It was hard to retrain my mind to a high fat diet. I am still working on that. But I love Keto food. Eggs and bacon and cheese and grass fed butter. It is my kind of diet, and I do feel my cravings for sugar gone. I can go 4 hrs between meals, which I thought would be totally impossible since I could barely go an hour without eating a few months ago. Especially since I work at a desk and a high stress job, i was nibbling all the time. Keto is working for me. Drawbacks that I've found are, my body feels weird a lot. I think it misses all the vegetables and fruit I use to eat. I want a mango so bad sometimes. Electrolytes. – I have gotten dizzy a few times. So I watch my fluid intake, and I actually drink an Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon, iodine, and himalyan salt 16 oz water every morning, plus supplement with potassium and magnesium. I have gotten leg cramps at night way more than I ever use to. Things are different for sure. If I could go back to eating carbs without them having the effect of a drug on my system I would like to incorporate that, but I have cheated a bit and I feel terrible after a hostess cupcake, or one day I wanted a coffee the way I use to drink it, and got a bad headache. I can't drink more than 8 oz of alcohol without feeling bad. So I am really watching what I'm putting in my body. I have only been on Keto since March 6th 2017. I walk but not a lot of other exercise, and I'm losing about a pound a week. It's a little choppy but consistent. I am losing about 4 lbs a month. Can you relate? sorry for the long rant, I've never told anyone else. :0)

  • I have lost about 25 lbs on the keto diet

  • Keto is da bomb!

  • Why do fitness vloggers not feel the need to be fully clothes in their videos?

  • you need longer than a week

  • While watching this '' No wheat bread!? No apples!?? No brown rice!? No chickpeas!? 😭 Just aavocado? Meats? Spinach? Broccoli? Tomatoes!? '' ughhh mostly foods we crave are carbs 😭😭

  • the carbs in green veges are NON glycaemic (fibre) so you can still eat them….

  • who is that guy??