Training On Low Carbs | Back Workout

When your client is twice as lean as you thats straight motivation to keep eating clean. Dean Joseph and myself trained back at 6am and he reminded me why i want to stict to my diet and be as aesthetic as possible. I ran him through a typical 2hr back session and then made sure i stuck to my diet by snacking on healthy yet low carb and low fat treats.


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  • Eddy! Loving the content bro keep it up!

  • You know what I appreciate when seeing these videos?

    The fact you tell your clients to do the same thing which you are currently doing.

    Goes to show you want your clients to get the same results you do which is a good quality when looking for a sick PT.

    Keep up the good work man 🙂

  • top notch 👌

  • Keep it up ur awesome

  • 23 mins of the mr o! What a start to the day 👌🏼

  • Das is mayne

  • Hey bro, do you get a forearm discomfort and even pump from doing pull down back exercises?

  • Thanks for motivation man, borrowed this workout for my back day!

  • What's your current cardio routine eddie? As in how many times per week?

  • have you tried intermittent fasting and iffym eddy?best way to put on size and get swole?

  • it's hard but I make it work nice video dude =)