Top 3 Carbs for Size Gain | (Guru Mann’s top 3 choices)

What are my choices for Carbs to Gain Size . Check out the video for your Answers.

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  • @guru bhai can we eat carbs and fat together in meal.

  • Thanks Guru Sir……

    i m taking Brown Rice and Oats in current program.

  • sir oats ki jagah wheat daliya kha sakte h kya

  • sir plz reply…. M a happetites B+ ….. can I take creatine … plz rply

  • why do you cut your sleeves? 😉

  • Hello paa ji,tell us how many grams oats we should consume every day for size gain pls suggest ,and thks for all good video .



  • hats of to you Grumann.. love you my teacher!

  • I m using brown rice to lose body fat percentage ! Following your shredded next level Bhai , and feeling lighter from the first week , following your nutrional plan too buy your meals , I really love the program ❤️✌️👍thanks gurumann Bhai

  • Sir!! I am a sixteen year boy….I am thin should I take mass gainer or supplement… If mass gainer then which company or if supplement then which company?? 😓😰…Plzz help sir!! 🙏🙏

  • Thank You ! This video helped ! and d quote on your tank top is "Ultra Motivating" ! Thanks again . RESPECT and LOVE.

  • hi guru mann.. what about banana Shake for size gAIN 🙂

  • bro please suggest the alternate of Sweet potato. because we are facing hot weather throughout the year in pak & india. and we can' get sweet potato in Summer.

  • awesome guru bhai

  • Sir for lean gains typically aesthetic physique what to do ??

  • sir,what macro percentage should i use for bulking in p c f.

  • Hello sir, can u Plz make a video or either give me suggestion about quenoe.

  • Hello sir
    I am 28 year old my weight is 58 kg & height is 5'10".
    My body is very lean so kindly suggest me which whey protein is best for muscle building.

  • Wow! I can see your body getting even better <3

  • Many people do not know the magic of brown rice.
    How about a full diet plan for different goals like size gain, weight loss and increasing muscle mass etc. Subscribed !

  • plz review ON platinum hydro whey

  • sir I ve one question from past 3 months I m going to gym, from last week my body a shivering wen I do the exercises n I m following pure mass concept can u tel me the solution?

  • Apart from good sources of food pls make a video on some of the worst foods of daily life which should be avoided

  • saffola oats are good? is that oatmeal?

  • sir pls give some …tips for girls too

  • Sir ji,It is 43 degree temperature in Delhi.It is big challenge .
    What should we do ?

  • thnx paji

  • Thanks. Perfect!!!

  • Is cornmeal good for fat loss or not.(instead of rice)

  • sir..sweet potatoes seasonally hai toh jis season mein ye nahi milta to uski jagah pe kya kha saktein hain

  • plz review on optimum serious mass gainer

  • thank you Sir for giving this information

  • Thanks mann bro …… Do something for diabetic patients ..regards

  • thanks bro n u com india which time

  • 👍☺💐👌

  • Thank u sir.

  • 👍👍👍

  • Thx Guru Sir n thank god…….kuch to veg mila…….jokes a part…….I will surely gonna add these foods in my diet….thank you so much…….

  • amazing job sir! keep it up!🙌👌

  • Hi Mr. Mann..please advise which is better..cardio before weight training or weight training before cardio..

  • Thanks for sharing this video. You taught me many things about workout and diet. Your are like Big brother to me. But can u plzzz…. share a Workout and diet program for skinny guys. I'm underweight and i'm taking eggwhites, porridge, Banana shake, Chickpea, soybean regularly. But my weight is gaining very slowly. so plzzz… share a program for skinny guys.

  • Hi, Guru Mann I read from a health website that starchy veggies spikes the insulin level like potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots.

  • Nice video guru ji

  • Great work bro ! I follow all your videos! Keep up the good work:D

  • I liked and added in diet. Thanks lot!

  • Guru, Mann I've a question.
    My hair and beard is turning grey. How can I reserve this and with any particular supplements or food? Thanks bro