Thomas DeLauer – Worst Of The Food Industry – Ketosis Low Carb Debunked

Thomas DeLauer Worst Of The Food Industry – Thomas DeLauer Debunked – topics include saturated fat, high-fat low carb ketogenic diets, complete proteins, soy beans and estrogen, ancel keys and the lipid hypothesis. Typical low carb myths and fake news will be exposed. #WorstOfTheFoodIndustry

Thomas delauer is a bodybuilder, celebrity trainer, fitness cover model and lifestyle optimization coach. The web page for his organic 7-Day total body reboot lists him as a nutritionist, but I doubt that’s accurate from an academic credential standpoint. I’d say He represents a new breed of Fitness industry star by crossing over into the food industry and posturing himself as an expert on diet and health.
He’s accomplished this recently in part due to his direct-to-consumer Health messages delivered through the YouTube platform, where he has built a significant following. Most of his content is about diet and food and his interpretation of the science behind it. Delauer bolsters his credibility by emphasizing his own remarkable transformation.

Learn Your Way Beyond low-carb / paleo / Keto diet marketing and learn the facts about How NOT To Die:

Thomas delauer keto hacks. Thomas delauer criticized on low-carb science. Thomas delauer cholesterol denier cholesterol myth. If you like this video check out a newer video Thomas delauer low carb vs low fat debunked here:

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  • I think those two researchers with the strange names who critiqued Keys claimed that it was about animal protein, not animal fat, rather than total fat intake, which Keys had suggested.

  • if he is so sure that he is right let's see his bloodtests im sure they will be shit

  • Excellent video man! Thomas DeLauer is just like other roid head bro scientists he talks so much shit without any real science telling people to carcass munch 🤦🏻‍♂️😒.

    Great job I just subbed 👌🏼

  • Time will tell who is right, I stick with keto because I think Vegans don't look healthy. Everyone I see on Keto is very healthy.

  • hes not a doctor, your not a doctor and you say fake news. dont waste your time

  • if you put down your anger and ego complex you can achieve much more than this video criticise person who offers value to a tons of people backed up with a research. you can do the same

  • All the low carb promoters in this video series as well as all the others have a serious MENTAL DISORDER

  • The low carb gurus are getting smarter, Sally Fallon and people like Jimmy Moore can't be taken seriously. They're obsese. So we get roid monkey guy instead. He reminds me of a reality show character. I was wondering if you could do a debunk video on Stephanie keto person? she's pretty much a girl version of this guy.

  • Good critique. Your videos are terribly underrated.

    Oh yeah, fk your couch…

  • Remember the Atkins Diet? Doctor Atkin died of heart disease.
    All the weight loss experienced by the followers was reversed when they went back.
    Keep up the good work, show the world a responsible lifestyle!

  • Thousands of animals mercilessly kill & eat other animals ..u wouldnt walk up to a lion or komodo dragon & tell them to stop eating buffalo ..lifes to short to waste your time being a vegan ..enjoy meat.. be like the lion or bird or komodo dragon

  • Great video Red Pill Vegan, keep it up.

  • Your video is not playing right

  • You seem like a really smart man and I would love to hear your unbiased opinion on whether fat increases testosterone. From my research I saw a strong correlation between saturated fat and testosterone (even stronger between monounsaturated fat and testosterone) but they are all small studies. I know saturated fat is bad for the heart and from the reliable studies monounsaturated as well but I would love to hear your opinion on dietary fat intake and testosterone (not talking about the Keto fad).. Thank you if you are reading this. BTW I am a vegan athlete and I really like your channel! Keep up the good work! 🙂