The Truth About Low Carb Diets and Cutting Carbs To Lose Weight

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In this video you’ll the truth about low carb diets and cutting carbs to lose weight. There’s a lot of hype around low carbohydrate diets and a lot of people believe that it’s necessary to limit the consumption of carbs in order to lose fat.

This is definitely not true, and in this video you’re gonna learn the facts based on research and what natural physique athletes are doing to maximize results.

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Low Fat Diet vs Low Carb Diet

Key points:

When protein and the calorie deficit are equated low carb diets perform pretty much the same as low fat diets in terms of weight loss.

Additionally moderate-high carbohydrate diets yield better performance in the gym for most people.

And if we look at the majority of natural physique athlete diets it’s usually a moderate-high amount of carbohydrates, moderate protein and low-moderate fat.

The advocates promote the fact that low carb diets are more effective for weight loss are misinterpreting research. Specifically they’ll often compare low carb high protein diets vs low fat low protein high carbohydrate diets. And in this scenario due to higher protein intake the lower carbohydrate groups typically lose more weight.

However when the protein is the same between both groups the high carbohydrate diets offer more performance and lean body mass retention.

This is important if you’re someone who likes to lift weights because you’ll want to based your carbohydrate intake on training volume.

Now, if you’re someone who doesn’t actively engage in any form of resistance training and you spend more of your days sedentary with little to no activity then low carb might a good option.

What happens for most people when you eliminate carbohydrates they’ll indirectly eat less calories and more protein. And that will results in weight loss.

So low carb diets definitely have a place for someone who doesn’t want to educate themselves of engage in proper macronutrient distribution and doesn’t engage in weight training.

For others if you’re already aware of the fact that high protein diets are beneficial and you’re lifting multiple times per week then low carb isn’t the best option.

Another important thing is for low carb is sustainability.

Let’s face it, most foods we wanna eat have carbs. And it’s not realistic to expect that we’re gonna stop eating carbohydrates for the rest of our lives on this planet.

And if you come into a diet as something short term then this typically results in a big weight regain. Usually people regain more weight than they initially lost. They binge back because of massive restriction.

This is very common for anyone who goes into food elimination diets. We as human put more value on things we can’t have, and the longer you restrict something the more that thing is on your mind.

Eventually when you fall of the diet you’re gonna overeat, and usually a lot.

So the bottom line is, aim for a sustainable approach. Balance our your macronutrients, get plenty of protein (1g per lbs of lean body mass is good target), do your resistance training and if your goal is to lose weight make sure you’re in a caloric deficit on a weekly basis.

The idea of low carb being the ultimate tool for weight loss is over-hyped. We have plenty of evidence to point out that it doesn’t matter if you go low fat or low carb. The results in terms of weight loss is the same as long as the caloric deficit and protein are keep the same.

Hope you enjoyed!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

Talk soon, Mario

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  • First, there is a difference between 'low' carb and 'no' carb. Second, there is a HUGE difference between types of carbs. Carbs from low glycemic fruits and vegetables are in a different world than processed 'white' carbs like pasta, bread, and cereals. We've been told to eat a 'balanced' diet for 50 years and we're the fattest nation in the world. Third, most of the so called 'nutrition' advice we seem to get is from the bodybuilding and fitness competition world which is an absolutely terrible place to be getting advice from. Have you ever seen a bodybuilder or fitness competitor in the off-season? Most look like crap and their blood work would confirm it. They go through extremes several times during the year depending on when the next competition is scheduled. Terrible on the body and mind!

    Low carb may not be for everybody, but thats simply because the 'everybody' that we're referring to doesn't really care about mental and physical performance all that much so whatever gets them through the day without feeling like complete crap is ok for them. Those who do care about those two things, however, will do the research into the difference between 'types' of carbs, how many your brain and body really need to survive and thrive (you'll be surprised), the different types of fats the body uses most efficiently, and how much protein is REALLY required to maintain (and gain) lean muscle mass (again, you'll be surprised, its not what we've been told). Of course, everybody is different and you have to find what works best for your body and lifestyle but those knocking nutritional ketosis, or even just low carb diets, if you're doing it correctly it can be one of the best ways possible to live, eat, and perform at very high levels.

  • Have you heard of keto diet bro?

  • Hey Mario
    Thank you for a great video 🙂 great location also
    150-400 grams of carbs??? when working out on a daily basis?
    I am on a low carb diet and do 5:2 fasting diet. I do daily HIIT between 20-30 minutes. 6 days a week. I am interested in loosing body fat and getting lean. 2 days I eat about 500 calories during a 36 hour window, and the other days I eat about 1800 calories.
    Not feeling tired or less energetic while working out, but want to know if I'm doing it right?
    I have watched the video about you talking about LEANGAINS…. is that your best advice to people who workout on a daily basis?
    A lot of questions…. but really want to do the best thing for my body, and reaching my goals of course. Hope you will take a few minutes to answer 🙂
    Hugs from Denmark

  • I try to reintroduce carbs after 3 years without them but I keep getting serious depression, anxiety and insomnia everytime I try to get on them. Why on earth do I have problem digesting carbs now?? I'm desperate for a solution. Thanks!

  • Mario, I think your very much incorrect about having to use carbs as an energy source and that performance suffers on low carb. Check out the couple that rowed from San Francisco to Hawaii in world record time, all the while not eating any carbs. KetoDiet the entire trip.

  • however, the general american is not that active. so a ketogenic diet makes more sense for them. if you're training – then getting carbs in there, makes sense. but if you're a 9-5p work all day, sit in the office, high mental stress…etc, eating breads, pizza, orange juice, lattes, etc….is a recipe for wt gain. Best to keep the calories to some limit, but if nothing at all, carb cutting and increasing fat – satiates you more. and can keep you going through the day. no highs or lows that sugar/ glucose gives.

  • Listen to him, he's hoenst. All you idiots disagreeing with this man prove how the bodybuilding marketing agenda has prostituted you.

  • great video…makes sooooo much sense.
    for the flippin last year I was going low carbs n high protein. just the last 3 weeks went high carb n moderate protein and it's working better. getting my long term energy back…all round it makes logical sense…can't believe I brought into this bullshit low carbs.
    great vid👍👍👍👍

  • Why are you talking about things you do not know anything about?

  • what about lowering your carbs on non training days?

  • There should be days when you should have a high amount of carbs and other days where you shouldn't have as much. It's the perfect balance for being lean and maintaining performance.

  • I'm sorry but if you think that low carb diet is a simple ultimate solution, think again, that shit is hard. Low carb does work but you obviously must know for how long you must do it. Once the glycemic storages are depleted on a low carb diet then your body will begin the fat burning process. This process will take anywhere from 4 to 7 days. I then like to up my carb intake in order to restore my glycemic levels and balance some wacked out hormones.Thanks for the video, very informational.

  • I'm on a diet named Scarsdale at the moment and I lost 12 kilos (6 pounds) in less than 4 mounths. This diet consists in low carbs + low fat + high protein. I didn't gain fat and didn't lose any muscle or energy. I did HIIT every day and I gain muscle. The secret is to don't eat white carbs AT ALL. Those white carbs are not even necessary to live. A person with a normal health can take the necessary carbs to live from fruits, vegetables and black bread. Obviusly I'm telling you what worked for me, but this maybe do not work for everyone because all bodies are different. Keep that in mind

  • Yui

    Freelee the Banana Girl .

  • i cut down the processed carbs , bread rice and pasta
    but i take 2 times a day a fruit veggie juice and eat some fruits in between
    this helps me to perform in the (home)gym and do my 5 km a day walking
    this appoach works for me i lost 7 kg in 5 monts
    by the way , one time a WEEK i eat a high carb meal , even cake or pastrie for my Mind
    thanks for your advise and lots of work
    regards Günter

  • Hi Mario Tomic!  I always thought that you could consume your whole caloric deficit on carbs alone and you would still loose weight, given that you are in a caloric deficit(you would probably loose muscle too, but that's a different issue). Do you agree with this or not? Thanks for the video.

  • Remember that it's processed carbohydrates that are the problem here, and not Complex Carbohydrates which contain Fibre, vitamins, natural sugar and a little protein. There is no large scale meta analysis study to show a diet of mainly Complex carbohydrates causing adverse health effects in normal healthy individuals long term.

  • if you eat more protein than your body needs it goes to fat, and that's why you can't lose bf while adding mass… isn't it right ?

  • I have tried low-carb high-fat diet for 4 days plus I was working out. By the 4th day I was exhausted, couldn't even finish my normal work out routine. Muscles felt flat, terrible headache , was grumpy as hell and felt like i was seriously ill. Perhaps was a coincidence but on 5th day I've got injured in the gym and decided that this diet wasn't working for me. All in all I felt terrible, work out routines felt terrible, my wife and kids hated me because i was grumpy. Not very good experience at all…

  • Everything in moderation. Carbs is important. I prefer to eat protein from plant sources

  • Low carbs diet is not completely healthy for long run . People still can gain muscle mass plants based lifestyle. Because it contained numerous nutrients carbs ,protein and fat . Animal protein make you sick .

  • I think you need to read more about low carb diet before making a video that has zero correct information

  • Mario, you say it should be sustainable and you should track macros. Honestly the biggest pain for me is tracking. It should be a deficit, but not too high. 250 deficit is not a big room to play with. Plus what if I planed all my meals and yet I do unexpected activity, then have to replan, weigh stuff again and all that. plus whenever not eating stuff at home you can't really track accurately

  • PlaTHa de la Virgen in ValenTHia. You should be forgetting diet talk in Spain and eating tapas!

  • While he is entitled to his opinion, science does not support it.

  • I was on a low carb diet for 3 months and I lost weight but I could not find the energy to go to the gym which was disheartening because I love to workout and i love being really active but low carb for me meant low energy 😔so thank you for this because no one ever talks about this side of low carb they always try to glorify it into what it might not be

  • What does carbs to youre body anyway does it make you fat or something?

  • People are just lazy to eat clean and work out. They want a quick fix to lose weight and in reality is unhealthy to the body for most people. It's funny how you explain what my university professors lecture us in depth. They explain the science and importance of the carbohydrate cycles within the body. The negative consequences of depriving your body from carbohydrates can screw you over hard. As you say and then, it's only for short term never long term. Your PH levels in the body become acidic and will damage internal organs. Ketones are acidic people. You produce them via deprivation of carbohydrates.

  • A dislike from me because this video is NOT the truth about Low Carb diets. It is dis-information.

  • It's funny to see keto/low-carb bros to be so butt-hurted about the video. If something worked for you it doesn't necessarily the only way to achieve the goal. Any caloric deficit will work at the end of the day, but low-carb followers will also suffer more lol

  • A little knowledge is a dangerous thing…

  • I don't know why you keep saying low carb gives no energy. On the contrary I feel fucking electric and sharp while my body is running on fat. The body can and does use stored energy aka body fat as a fuel source. Fucking idiot. I lost over 60 pounds of fat and pretty much no muscle on a low carb lifestyle. Oh and never do I count calories lol fucking misinformed fool

  • I 'm getting good results with this low fat low carb diet, but I have plans to fall off the wagon safely if I can't keep it going

    especially when I start exercising more regularly again,

    I've been working alot of hours so I have limited time to exercise and I use to sleep too much and couldn't get anything done in my off hours, but when I cut off my high starch foods that all changed, I got more energy and got control of my hunger for the first time in my life,

    I can actually go for long hours between meals without feeling like my stomach is burning a hole in my body ,

    and yes people do sometimes over do the fats and that is incorrect because you still won't lose the weight if you do that, but so far it's been a positive experience like when a hamburger commercial comes on on television I don't start salivating like Pavlov's dog, I'm totally numb to the mind manipulation .

  • When you're young and have a high metabolism, plus you're active, you can eat just about anything. When I was in my 20s I ate two big mac meals for lunch at nearly every lunch while in college, But, I walked to classes, I walked constantly at work, and I trained with heavy weights.

    Try your advice when you're in your 50s! When you read those studies, look at the demographics. How old are the people?

    You do admit that it depends on exercise volume, but most people are simply not working out and they don't have the desire to work out. It's MUCH easier to cut out pasta, bread, rice, and so forth than it is to get into a gym and out train your diet. Again, this is especially true as a person gets older and has other priorities in life.

    So, it is NOT a fad! To call low carb a fad is ridiculous. There are cultures that have always naturally eaten low carbs, such as the Eskimos. Notice, I am not using the words no carbs. Some carbs are necessary no matter what and part of a healthy diet, but to call a low carb diet a fad is a disservice.

    I'm so sick and tired of wet behind the ears, little experience, millennials thinking they know because they supposedly read a study. Notice how he doesn't provide the names of those studies or summarize the research methods used. What was the Pearson Coefficient? What was the sample size? From what population was the sample drawn? Was the sample random? Nope he just says "studies show".

    By the way, the only "studies" that matter are blind clinical studies. All other "studies" are merely people expressing an opinion based on lousy methodology.

  • You are full of shit.
    LCHF/KETO is the most satisfying, nutritious and sustainable way of eating, to lose fat and maintain muscle.
    Low carb hi fat eating regulates hormone production and reduces hunger like no other diet, thereby keeping you satisfied, energetic and mentally sharp.
    If you suffer from insulin resistance, LCHF is sustainable, successful and also calorie regulating, due to the satiety levels from hi fat.