THE TRUTH ABOUT KINOBODY! (Low Carb Ketogenic Diets vs intermittent fasting for weight loss)

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  • Kino chats shit, but he's the typical vampire diary look alike that everyone wants to suck on, so whatever he says people will back him up even if they know deep down he's chatting shit and taking them for a ride everyone after cock here.

  • Debate! Do it

  • I love the fake beef!

  • Greg stole my lunch!! I kid you not! He was doing his intermittent starvation diet as usual one day as I walked by with my tasty subway sandwich (I like extra swiss on mine) and Greg just snatched it away and chomped it down! No lie! DO NOT TRUST GREG!

  • this video wasn't even necessary ….stop posting click bait titles…that's why I unsubscribe from you and kino white boy.

  • This is a good definition of ad hominem

  • Bruh, back the hell up from the camera

  • Damn..if thats true..cancer cells can only live off glycogen..thats a full game changer right there!!!!! Why isn't that being explored more and talked about??

  • Different person, different program… for example, hodge twins – i.f. works for them, it's not for all people though

  • The junk food only diet is actually the best when mixed with tren&test. I called it the hodge twins diet.

  • Low carb diet is totally different to Keto life style.
    Do your research! Do your homework! Stop misinformation mann!!!!

  • Don't stress over any diet guys! Just find what works for you consistency is key!

  • Top notch marketing. Check view count in his videos containing digs or 'controversial' subjects. YEH. it smart.

  • I do Keto and IF at the same time.

  • The problem with the modern internet fitness industry is that your physique is your resume, so people essentially take classes from big dumb juicing meatheads and only question them when their obliques smooth over. Yes, i know, you don't have to be dumb to be a meathead. It's true that muscle definition doesn't directly feed off of brain cells. If anyone is interested in credible and practical advice from someone wearing a shirt, try searching Dr Berg, or Dr Michael Van.

  • Lol i saw kinobody advert in this video!

  • Great job Brandon, great info…

  • Wouldn't high fat be implied when he mentioned low carbs? I think the only time I've heard of cutting out carbs and fat completely and eating only protein was like from Stallone

  • Burnt, great content brandon! 👍 so smart

  • Btw you have one of the best NATURAL physiques in the game and they arent for show. I hope one day I can look and perform in the gym like you someday..PAUSE 😂


  • have either one of you ever been fat?

  • Did Greg kick your ass yet ?

  • I aint tryna be watching 30 mins of publicity stunts and fluff. Just came to confirm and let you guys know it's just a marketing stunt. The angle they're going for is Mayweather/McGregor. Can't wait to see BBC/GOG

  • screw that diet dude I don't do it I cut fine

  • Ketogenic diet works, and so does intermittent fasting if you do it right period. But Ketogenic diets may have more benefits check out this link tests were done on mice.

    Tests done on mice demonstrate the benefits of a ketogenic diet

  • i'm sorry my nigga but i'm not about to cut my carbs to 5 percent LOL! that's just torture and yes i can see longevity being an issue with cholesterol and what not … but honestly , i could be hit by a fucking bus tomorrow and i'm not about to regret my life eating that goofy diet man . I just wanna eat good food , look good and enjoy the days i have and when the reaper comes , it was my time .

  • Any diet can work people just stick to it it's all about life style

  • Just when I thought Greg was the biggest douche in fitness, this guy comes along.

  • You guys DO realise that both of you promote a ketogenic lifestyle… right?

    – Brandon promotes ketosis through a high fat, low carb diet, forcing the body into ketosis to utilise fat as fuel.
    – Greg promotes ketosis through intermittent fasting for 16+ hours per day, wherein the body is receiving zero calories – forcing the body into ketosis to utilise fat as fuel.

    I love both these guys, but this to me is just an emotional, little bro/big bro dick swinging contest.

  • But intermittent fasting puts you into ketosis as well mate!

  • lol you are entertaining

  • Hommie, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you doing as much "cherry picking" as Mr. Abercrombie? 🤔. He could be misleading people as much as you are, no? It should all come down to what works for the people personally, yes? Nevertheless, keep up the energy and ass kickin brotha! Bless ya both!!!

  • 30 mins? Count me out!!

  • even tho, both share caloric deficit, period, choose what u enjoy more

  • Thank you, man for sharing your knowledge.