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  • Yeah, I hear you just need to go DO it, but most people do and dont see results.. which sucks and kills motivation. I'm speaking from experience :((

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  • I drink only water and eat pretty clean. My goal weight is 95 – 100 kilograms but ,I have gained weight.

  • Best advice ever. Listen up folks, this is the one real thing that makes a difference. Cheers!

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  • +Strength Camp, I've got a Q for you…your opinion on that would be so helpful! Here it is: I'm 5 feet and 8 inches and weight 209 lbs and 28% body fat and want to get down to 15%. 3 times a week I fast walk/run 6 miles, make 1 hour abs exercice, 1 hour of push ups+australian pull ups+negative pull ups/chin ups+bench dips. I see myself getting stronger and more muscular but I'm not sure if I'm loosing fat, at least in a relevant amount. I don't know if I should be in a caloric deficit or in a surplus, because I wanna loose fat but mantain my muscle growth because for me strengh is very important. What to do? Usually I eat around 2500 calories. Some days I eat more and it get to 2900 calories but sometimes I eat less and it goes to 1900 calories. How many calories I need and what macros to go down to 15% body fat but without loosing focus on strengh training? Couldn't find any tip on cases like mine on the internet…looking forward for hearing from you! Thanks!!

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  • "choose something and stick with it, when you do something, something is going to happen"

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  • If I fast, would my body not just go into starvation mode and I will gain weight next time I eat?

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