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Hi there guys,

I created a short video not only telling you what The Keto King channel is all about, but also showing you some of the video recipes I have made so far.

For those who aren’t familiar with The Keto King (a.k.a The Banting Boss), this channel is all about providing recipe and meal ideas to those living a low carb lifestyle. Now whether you follow a Keto / Ketogenic, Banting, LCHF or just a Low Carb lifestyle generally, this channel is for you.

Maybe you are new to the low carb lifestyle and need some guidance, I can steer you in the right direction in terms of low carb meal ideas, keto meal ideas, LCHF meal ideas or banting meal ideas. We know how frustrating it can be when all of your options for your breakfast, lunch or dinner seems to have carbs in it and you just don’t know what to make. Simply look at my channel, browse through the playlist I have created (see below about my playlists) and you can find yourself a wonder, simple low carb meal to make. You also then have a categorized listing of all your low carb meals, keto meals, LCHF meals or banting meals on my youtube channel which you can look at any time you wish.
Or maybe you are a seasoned low carb, keto, LCHF or banting pro but just need some new low carb ideas in the kitchen – this is where my channel can help! I know how you go-to low carb recipes can become a little boring and stale after a while. I upload videos between 1 -4 times a month so you will constantly be getting new, easy and delicious low carb recipe videos delivered right to your favourite device!

My philosophy is to make low carb recipes / low carb meal ideas / keto meal ideas / lchf meal ideas / banting meal idea as that are 1) Easy to make 2) Quick to make 3) that taste fantastic; and 4) that Actually WORK!

Feel free to browse the videos I’ve made which I have conveniently organized into playlists, such as low carb breakfast recipes, low carb bread recipes, low carb sweet treat recipes, low carb breakfasts, low carb dinner recipes, low carbs sides, low carb condiments etc. These playlists will help you find the exact low carb recipe, keto recipe or banting recipe you are looking for.

Most importantly, SUBSCRIBE to my channel to be notified each time I upload another delicious low carb recipe so you don’t miss out! Thanks for watching, and as always, Keep it keto!

  • I'm so excited to try that low carb bread recipe – the last 3 I've tried have been subpar but that looks like some solid bread! Thanks for the content

  • Thank you so much! While following along with your video I made the microwave bread. It came out perfect! I immediately sliced and toasted the bread. Then sliced a hard boiled egg. Made myself a sandwich 🌝 Thank you again!