The Keto Diet for Weight Loss: BACKFIRED

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Kaelin Tuell Poulin has lost 65 pounds, and has earned her IFBB Pro Card in Figure within World Record time of only 2 shows. She has inspired thousands of people along the way and believes her transformation was a calling to help others. She grew up in a small town outside of Louisville, Kentucky and currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

LadyBoss TV is Kaelin’s way of providing as much value as possible by taking your questions about fitness, weight loss, dieting, and everything it takes to transform your body and giving you her answers based on her own personal experience and insights.

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  • You are a smart cookie! Your program is awesome ya girl keep up! 😉

  • What about cutting sugars and sweets ?? How should I go about that. Like for my coffee what all should I substitute??

  • Congrats 😉

  • My dad does this diet bc he has cancer. When he's on this diet his cancer isn't there. When he eats regular it comes bk

  • sigh
    Different things work for different people, and Kaelin has clearly helped a lot of people on their weight loss journey, SO I am in no way knocking her ways of teaching
    In this instance, it seems like she is not that informed on the Keto way of eating, and I don't agree with putting false information out for thousands of people to see.

    1. Keto is NOT "no carb, high fat, high protein" It is "low carb, high fat, moderate protein" while also eliminating sugars and certain chemicals and keeping your electrolytes in check.
    2. I don't think you can call it a "fad diet" considering it has been around for YEARS and YEARS, it's a way of eating (a lifestyle change).
    3. Your brain only requires a very little amount of glucose and your liver can produce enough via gluconeogenesis.
    4. Many doctors are starting to recommend the WAY OF EATING to diabetics, cancer patients, women with PCOS, epileptic patients, as well many other major issues. It has literally saved peoples lives.

  • You’re a dumb cunt

  • Hey Kaelin !! I do agree with you that nutrition and exercise are the root of being healthy, but I have to tell you…. I wouldn't knock the Keto diet because of this experience you had in the past. It sounds like you were possibly misguided about what the Keto Diet is 🙂

    Going on a Keto Diet without the proper education, research, and finding out what is best for you PERSONALLY… will likely backfire. There are different types of keto diets that are suited for different people and their lifestyles. It is SUPER important to find out what that is before you dive in head first.

    The Keto Diet is not High Fat, High Protein, No Carb. It is High Fat, Low Carb & MODERATE Protein… If you eat too high of protein while on the keto diet, your body goes into gluconeogenesis… which is where your body treats the excess protein as a glucose source. (crazy, right?!) It takes some time for your body to transition. And I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience with this diet, because it has been a blessing to soo many people's lives. Especially those with health issues. i.e. PCOS, epilepsy, diabetics, cancer patients, auto-immune (like myself), and many many more with serious issues. This diet has led hundreds of thousands of people to live a better life…

    You're body likely never truly entered into nutritional ketosis. If it did – I think you would feel much, much differently 🙂 The brain fog you were experiencing may have been of lack of calories or because your body was still glucose adapted. On a Keto Diet, you should have very clear, stable energy & focus.

    Also, keep in mind … a Standard Ketogenic Diet is very strict and isn't one that you can go back and forth. It can be difficult for athletes, like yourself – You might have been better off with a "cyclical keto diet" or a Keto Diet with "carb ups" to shock your metabolism and to also help your muscle recovery after workouts.

    The Keto diet isn't a "fad" …. Yes, it is gaining huge popularity lately… but it has been around for years & years & years. It hasn't been considered a "diet" it was more of a lifestyle change.

    I hope this helps & again, I'm so sorry you had a bad experience !!

  • S K

    I just can't listen to this women's lies. She is selling you a bunch of garbage.

  • It becomes a fad diet when people use it for a weight loss fix. I’m a Registered Dietitian and know this diet has been around for years. It was created to medically treat seizure spells in epilepsy. There are different types as some have mentioned below, and all depends on the ratio of fat to carbs you are trying to achieve. Ketogenic Nutrition is a macronutrient plan with high fat, restricted carb, and adequate protein intakes. I have worked with clients who do Adkins, which is a modified Keto plan. I have also worked with very strict Ketogenic clients who count the carbs from toothpaste/lotions, etc. It is now being studied for types of cancer treatments including chemo and radiation in addition to other diseases. Regardless, this is diet.. It does have side effects, and should be started under expert care,, (there is a difference between Nutritionist and a Registered Dietitian) Also, evidence based practices show Ketogenic lifestyles/diet or as mentioned should not be practiced over 3 years, and once stopped signs and symptoms do not return.

  • First if you were following the principals of the Ketogenic diet you would BE eating carbs…suggested is 20g or less a day during the beginning phase and then moving on to adding some healthy carbs back during maintenance. Second brown rice and sweet potatoes are horrible choices to "carb up" on. So, it is easy to see why you "gained back" 40 pounds, there are other carbs that are healthier for you, leafy greens, cauliflower, green beans, spinach, kale, broccoli,cabbage, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries in moderation. Sorry you did not have a good result….lots of people are doing great on the Ketogenic way of eating and living healthier lives because of it! There blood lipid levels are improving greatly, borderline diabetics are reversing their numbers some are even being taken off their diabetic meds because of Ketogenics. They report less pain, less joint problems and an overall better health profile as well. I think if you and your subscribers are really interested you should read up on the scientific studies on Ketogenics and give the basics a try for a month or 2 you would be surprised at how much better you really feel. As a side note here, don't buy into the "Ketones" being peddled on the open market…they are a waste of your time and hard earned dollars. All of the "symptoms" you describes are normal for many, they are called the "keto flu" and subside with time. Our bodies have been bombarded with sugar for so long that it cannot operate the way it was truly meant to. Keeping your electrolytes up and taking a vitamin/mineral supplement during the initial stage can alleviate these "keto flu" symptoms quite well. And I agree with you, a good diet and exercise will optimize your weight loss and your healthy way of life and the Ketogenic diet is a huge part of that healthy life!!….My best to you.

  • Actually the Ketogenic diet is higher fat, moderate protein, and approximately 20 NET carbs per day (not total carbs).  You are not deprived of carbohydrates.  You get carbohydrates from the plenty of vegetables you should be eating per day.  You get moderate protein in the form of approximately 4 oz of meat per meal a day.  High fat doesn't mean you're chugging butter and cream all day either.  This way of eating is very clean, and very healthy.  My doctors are thrilled with the turnaround in my health, and I"m now no longer on the verge of diabetes or a high risk for heart disease.  Also, looking like there is a huge benefit for colon health as well….basically I'm a colon cancer time bomb.  You should get yourself properly educated, and be willing to have the willpower to stick to something.  If you think this is a quick fix to solve all your problems you are sadly mistaken.  Once you go back to eating the way you did before don't be surprised that your problems are still there.  If your body doesn't like grains (brown rice) and sugar (sweet potatoes) you're going to blow up when you start putting that back into your system.  To suggest that this way of eating is bad for your brain….explain why Neurologists use this way of eating to treat people with epilepsy, and other brain disorders?  Children and adults are being prescribed this diet to correct brain disorders!!  If you are having memory issues there are plenty of other possibilities to explore.  Doesn't sound like you were following this particular way of eating correctly, and your opinion is very much flawed.  KETO on for those of us that have seen, felt, and are enjoying vast improvements in our lives and our health!  I'll be looking forward to hitting the 24 month mark, and beyond.

  • Some of the comments, Kaelin! You’re right…haters gonna hate! I love your videos! I find you very inspirational!

  • Easy to bash a diet that normal people use without "assistance" to lose weight.

  • I really feel you are very misguided about Keto, it is NOT no carb and it's NOT high protein. It's Moderate Protein and High Healthy Fat (which is what your brain actually runs on not carbs) and Low Carb. Our bodies are born in a state of Ketosis and that's it's natural state. It's only a fad if you do it to lose weight & don't do it for health benefits like lowering your chances of being insulin resistant, combating diabetes, lowering bad cholesterol/upping good colesterol, and fighting cancer.In Keto you eat loads of healthy carbs naturally found in veggies and a lot of people take 1 or 2 days to "carb up" a week. Where you eat still low amounts of carbs but they are natural carbs like oatmeal, brown rice, and sweet potatoes.
    This video is very incorrect when it comes to the science of the body & what ketosis does for it.

  • You are very clueless of what keto is. This rant of yours sounds so ignorant. First of all It's definitely not a no carb diet. Secondly You do eat carbs just the healthy ones. You seem to be just to ignorant to have actually done the proper research. It's definitely not for everyone you included lol. But I have enjoyed the benefits of loosing 30 lbs and currently maintaining my weight with zero issues. But you wouldn't know anything about that 😂 😂. You have a good day and stop spreading false information without the proper research first.

  • I love your workouts, but I don't think you looked up what it is to do a keto diet. This "high fat, high protein, low carb" is more Atkins or south beach diets. Ketosis can't be achieved in a high protein diet.

  • How is Keto high protein?

  • If you have too much protein, your body will change the protein into glucose (as it does with carbs; with non-carbs it's called gluconeogenesis). So, doing a high protein, low carb diet for the sake of going low carb is counterproductive.