The High Fat Diet of an Ultra Runner

Running continuously for over 100 miles in mountain terrain takes a different kind of athlete—and a different kind of diet. Through years of training as an ultra runner, Timothy Olson has taught his body to become “fat-adapted,” using fat from animals and plants to fuel him through feats that seems superhuman. In this episode of FUEL, we examine how Timothy’s food regimen benefits his performance.

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  • I love Bison bars <3

  • the ultimate hipster

  • This isn't paleo its keto just so ya know.

  • Wait . . . so instead of using listerine for 30ish seconds, he'd rather swish coconut oil in his mouth for 10 minutes? He said it does the same thing as listerine. I get he can use the coconut oil for other things, but that's 10 minutes of pointless swishing and spit. You could still use the coconut oil for its other uses, but just eliminate the 10 minute routine.

  • He's a runner and he's wearing blue… this guy is the real life Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • What he's referring to is called Ketosis. When you train your body to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose (sugar) by providing an abundance of fat so your body knows it's not scarce. Look it up

  • The first 10 seconds I thought this was an Ultra Spiritual Life video

  • Dude. Very inspirational and insightful. I'm on a similar path except my runs are super short and not challenging at all. Thank you brother.

  • An ultra runner that uses carbs on the day of his runs… Not exactly a fat based runner. All this loser is doing is increasing his disease risk.

  • This guy is a fuckin weirdo


  • I don't understand how American drive without looking at the road. I was like no no look in front of you !!

  • White people……… am i right?

  • I can't even run one mile without wanting to die

  • I really liked this guy up until he called that butcher "boss"…

  • As someone who is allergic to coconut, I definitely envy those who aren't. So many foods and products I can't use. I'm also trying to be paleo and coconut is used in a lot of recipes so it can be really tough. It's also a reason I'm not vegan. So many vegan recipes use coconut for EVERYTHING.

  • white power..

  • It's not paleo, it's keto…

  • That's impressive!

  • Him when running: I feel free and one with nature!
    Me when I run: Fuck it I’ll just be fat!

  • Hold my beer… I got this…

  • T A

    Keto – very good!👍

  • His daughter in that fuzzy hat 😩🙈🙌🏽 so precious

  • Look at these so called health foods…. cocunut oil is as bad as beef fat. Look it up