Hi Guys! Today Kyle and I wanted to share with you some of the dangers we faced while low carb dieting for too long! Thanks for watching!

  • Happy Monday Guys! Don't go too crazy with the low carb diets, take it from us! Thanks for watching everyone!

  • Great video guys! I have experienced that low carb feeling/mood several times. A couple of months ago I did two weeks of low carb and jesus i was miserable…i had to stop because i was just not being able to work properly (and i dont even have a physical job, i sit in the computer all day but i was just not being able to think properly). I have a question for you: when you first started your journey did you do it by yourselfs or you had a nutricionist? I am just curious. Keep on the good work guys! Love you 😀

  • your crazy to think that….protein builds muscle guys….. why do you think u may gain weight???? cause muscle weighs more than fat…… being a guy I'm sure its different for me but I eat 20/30g of carbs and go ham and feel great!! I fish for a living and hit the gym 5days so I would have to disagree

  • I think that diets are definitely not "one size fits all", but low carb is for me.
    Ive been on for 7 months with not one cheat & I feel great!
    Im just curious, what did you guys have your carbs at & what were you getting them from?
    All of my carbs are vegetables & some nuts/seeds.

  • Well apparently whatever you guys did worked for you. When you say balanced exactly what is that 33 g carbs 33g fat 33 grams protein?

  • You are such a retard Nicole, both your face and your lack of knowledge lol

  • I cant speak to folks who are further along in their weightloss and fitness journeys, but for me I think just cutting my carbs back has been helpful. so many of us who are overweight are eating waaaaay too many carbs, especially refined ones and junk full of sugar. I joined weight watchers and because sugars put the points of food through the roof, it has automatically reduced the carbs in my diet but not to the point where they are gone. Its working for me!! 😃

  • You guys are too cute! Question: How far into your weight loss journey did you decide to add in a treat meal?

  • Carb cycling > Low carb-keto

  • love love love this video.. tried low carb so many times.. but was just so hungry and so mad all the time… and i love fruit.. and yogurt..

  • I was keto for 5 months…after that it took 3 months to make my metabolism better. Now I can do 5k carb ups on cereal and I look better then ever. Learning from my mistakes

  • I did low carb before and lost 40lbs in like 3 months. I tried doing it again, and failed twice, i always got SO sick 3 or 4 days in. It was NOT worth it. I rather lose 2lbs a week and feel happy and energetic.

  • I tried LCHF after my first pregnancy and lost 35lbs in about a month and a half. I felt great at first, but when I started trying to become active again I started feeling ravenous and lethargic. I tried to reintegrate carbs in a healthy manner and ultimately failed miserably. I didn't gain all that much back, maybe 5-10lbs. It worked for me then, but I tried again and I just can't manage it. I've realized that if being healthy and active is my goal, this is just not realistic, but I kinda have the same mentality still and I find myself at the same point: trying to find a balance with carbs. You guys really inspire me and help me realize that I CAN lose weight and rebuild healthy relationships with food. Thank you for doing what you're doing and being kind enough to share it with all of us. You truly are such an inspiration. And Nicole, you blossomed into such a beautiful woman. You seem so strong and full of life, this is how I want to look like when I find my healthy back!! oxoxox

  • youre experiencing keto flu bc youre sugar intake is extremely low. now your losing glycogen along with water (electrolytes). so you must be aware of eating lots of sea salt, trace minerals, potassium and magnesium. youre irritable bc your used to sugar. sugar is addictive. burning fat is healthier than burning sugar. thats when all illnesses go away. sugar causes inflammation. youre giving out false information. i think you should research more on ketones. you have no idea what youre talking about.