The Best Macro Ratio’s for a Lean & Muscular Physique

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In this video you’ll learn about the best macronutrient ratios (proteins, fats and carbs) to promote a lean and chiseled physique. To support optimal hormonal levels, training, sleep, performance and mood.

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Each recipe is based around these optimal ratios. Optimal protein and balanced fats and carbs to best support a great physique and so forth.

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  • I don't get it. Should you eat that amount of protein for maintaince or for deficit calories?

  • When u eat in the
    way your talking about can u eat unclean? As long as your hitting the macros thats all that matters right?

  • Can a woman use this macro devision?

  • I think it depends on the person; there is no ratio that is the BEST.

  • Physical version of Kinochef would be lit

  • How about you talk about real problems, like what is going on over in kekistan.?.?

  • How long did it take you to get that lean?

  • My problem is that im supposed to eat 2000 calories a day and thats AFTER i subtracted 500 from maintenance. But i still end the day with 600 to 700 calories surplus lol although i dont eat breakfast so thats probably why

  • "Science says".Where are your sources – all professors.

  • I'm sorry, Could you clarify more about the daily protein intake calculation? Because base on my google search, it should be 0.8 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight instead of per pond of body weight. If you are using pond as your body weight unit, the multiplier should be 0.32 gram of protein per lb of body weight.
    So if you are 175 lb, your protein daily intake should be 175×0.32=56 gram only. And this indeed is about 3 chicken breasts (assuming each 100 gram of breast has 20 gram of protein). It matches what you said in your video.
    I suggest you double confirm your way of calculating protein intake and re-film this video if you found what I wrote above is true. Otherwise, you would be misleading a lot of people. And it looks very unprofessional.

  • i feel like you are describing Dukan diet with proteins. I followed that diet, ate mostly proteins and i can sai i felt like i was 90 years old. after 3 or 4 steps i wqs running out of air. i was tired all the time and all my family and friends told me that i look sick all the time.

  • How about you just eat less than maintenance?!? Wow rocket science

  • dude you are not anywhere close to 7% bodyfat.

  • God-like sex drive…

  • Fat has plenty of functions in the body. One of them being that it repairs the cell membrane. Cellular membrane is mainly made of fatty acids – like this guy says: salad oil ( for real: ).

    So go figure, how important is good fat in a diet. Same for carbs and protein. Balance and consistency is more important than extremes.

  • so 3 chicken breasts is a lot for me to eat a day. A lb of beef is only 80g of protein and so is a dozen eggs…. I don't eat that much in general and I can't really seem to cut or build. I just hover around 170lb at 6' and probably near 20% body fat… even .8g/lb is a lot of protein to eat without supplements

  • This guy know's his stuff, but he fkn talks to damm much!!!!! I would suscribe, but he's to busy talking away – it's annoying! Get to the point! Sell your ketogenic shit(cool), then get to the point.

  • This guy doesn't own any shirts 👚

  • how do u find the calories

  • I track my macros already and I just wanna know how low should my calories go ?

  • Thx for info bro,this is really rare to me,cuz i did cut my carbs for 3 day and feel 1 step to another world you know,but then i add it again and wanted to live again,i belive all you told us truth

  • Greg,
    The hormonal and physical benefits of the macro nutrient ratios you described were first discovered by a man named Barry Sears who was the creator of a dietary philosophy known as "The Zone".