Sample Meal Plan For FAST, SAFE and EASY Weight Loss \ High Fat + Low Carb

Sample low carb and high fat meal plan / weight loss guidelines that I used to lose over 50 lbs. I’m not a doctor, this is simply what has worked for me to lose weight. ↓OPEN ME↓

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Consult your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program. Don’t feel discouraged if these methods do not work for you. We’re all different! Good luck! 🙂

  • I am so glad you explained this. That's why I love your channel, you are so helpful!

  • I'm going to give it a go. I'll let you know how I'm doing

  • Can you make a what I ate today?

  • Thank you!



  • Wow! just watched a video of yours from 8 months ago, what a transformation!

  • hi Kaylah, can you please email me your meal plan, I can't seem to pull it up…

  • I know this is almost a silly question… But to be sure.. The foods listed under "Bad".. Should we not eat them at all? Or.. Try to eat these the least? Me and my friends are starting this May 1st as a group.

  • So you can go into ketosis without fasting?

  • I don't understand the food list. it just looks like a grocery list.

  • Hey Kaylah!! Love this channel! <3 I see you had guacamole when u allowed us to tour your fridge. I don't see avocado on the list though (which I downloaded and will use to grocery shop tonight. Thanks!) are they too high in fat or carbs to add to salads or consume as a whole?

  • Weight loss is so difficult to do when ur the only one doing it around u 😭 ur a huge motivation tho! Thank you!

  • Hey Kaylah, do you get the same results from eating high fat/low carb as you did from eating low carb/low fat?

  • Thanks for the list !!!!!

  • I'm so loving your channel! thanks for posting vids!

  • So you don't pay attention to calories at all? Do you just eat whenever you're hungry and that's that or do you have a certain number of meals per day? My body is super sensitive to carbs and if I don't eat enough in a day I plateau or start gaining almost immediately 😝

  • I downloaded the food list but for some reason I can't find the meal plan. Maybe, I am thinking of something that tells you what meals to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ok. so, I am typing this while the video is on and you just said it really is a list not a plan.

  • As you're losing weight have you lost your back fat?

  • yall asking for too much. do the work like she did

  • ive been researching low carb. currebtly doing IF will definitely add this to the mix. im down 53 lbs, ready to reach my 1pp lb loss this year. thanks for taking the time to create this list

  • I went to the meal list but all that comes up is create your own website, help!!!

  • Made a decision tonight to do this starting in the morning ..

  • Hi kaylah , tried downloading the lists but the website says error!?

  • so what you eat in a day? please do a video for it..thank you

  • Great job! You look great. This diet sounds a lot like The Atkins for the New You…Induction phase. Your video has motivated me to try this. Thanks

  • you are gorgeous…you should think of modeling.

  • starting today

  • So glad I found your channel. I've lost weight successfully this way before (60lbs in 3mos) but was exercising quite often too. Since having a baby and getting married I'm finding it so much more difficult because I try to make it too complex. Thank you!

  • I am going shopping today so I can start tomorrow. I am weighing in at 255. 🙁

  • This is "diet" I've been following for the past several months! I just hit my 50 lb weight loss!! I just found your videos and I'm totally binge watching lol

  • loving your videos but i still cant find your meal plans only your food list!can u do a sample of meal plan plz?thanks

  • Downloaded both lists, thanks! I will try this!

  • thanks kaylah

  • Thank you so much; starting tomorrow. Stay amazing🌹

  • I hate math!! LOL

  • so you subtract all the fiber u ate against your carbs?? omg how!!! I'm so confused.

  • Is the list still there? Because i can't find it when i click on it.. it says it can't be displayed

  • Starting today, yay!

  • OK I'm starting today! I can't "weight" lol

  • You are such an inspiration!! Thank you!!!!!

  • I've seen so many good and bad food list and some have their bad and goods switched and I just DON'T know which one is ACCURATE 😩

  • hello,, can u eat fruit smoothies???

  • Can you please help me !!!! I need to know what is the protein i need to take it goves me an average but i dont know what to pick and i need to know please:((

  • great video as always thank's 4 the tips

  • this is hard?🤔

  • Hey I found the list through this video, thank u, from Chuggy