Protein vs Carbs for muscle growth

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Everyday I’m going to take a random question from my YouTube followers and post up a little Video Q and A like this one to share some more tips and tricks that will make your workouts more productive and allow you to reach your bodybuilding and fitness goals faster.

Today’s question asks what’s more important; Protein vs. Carbs?

If you’ve ever followed a bulk up diet than I’m sure you’ve sometimes had trouble eating all the food you need to eat in order to gain muscle. It can be just as hard (or harder) for a skinny guy to eat enough food to gain weight as it is for an overweight guy to cut back food for losing weight.

So what do you do in those situations where you don’t have a big enough appetite to eat all the food on your plate? Do you eat your protein foods, or do you eat your carbohydrate foods, of do you eat a little bit of both?

I personally believe that you should fill up on the high nutrient foods first; meaning eat your protein and veggies first then fill up on carbs afterwards. This way you’ll be sure to get the nutrients and amino acids that are needed for building lean muscle.

So when you are sitting in front of a big plate of food that you know you can’t finish, focus on eating the protein vs. the carbs.

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  • i am really confused about what is the part of calories in building muscle.. when you have both carbs and protein why would you need massive amounts of calories to build or maintain? i understand there is energy but i am really under wise about the caloric needs and how it in actuality work … it doesnt help me if someone says eat x amount of calories to grow i dont know where to go to find out what really does happen with calories

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  • Isnt 1.5gm per pound too high? Everyone says 1gm. Bro

  • Carbs digest faster an rite away protein kills hunger so eat your carbs first an they will fuel you to eat your protein

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  • I never got big until i start eating a shit load of carbs

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  • billshit I ate a crazy amount of carbs and my weight and muscles grew like crazy

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  • I find that I get more energy and strength in the gym by eating carbs

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  • I think he meant eat 1.5x ur weight in kg of protein

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  • Hi Lee.

    I have a quick question.

    To burn fat, we need to do cardio. I know that.

    Should I avoid these?

    – rice
    – brown rice
    – white bread
    – wholemeal bread
    – wheat crackers
    – pasta
    – noodles
    – milk
    – baked beans

     I eat a lot of eggs but not the yolks.

    Thank you.

  • This subject is poorly addressed and generally I find Lee's advice is accurate where the overwhelming majority if resources have crap in advice.
    There is an answer that I've not seen so here is my claim on the subject.
    Eating 0.63 grams of protein per pound of body mass everyday, 365 days a year is a very unpleasant lifestyle. I've done it for more than 2 years straight.

    The resolution is really simple.
    If you are going to train 4 days a week or more, stop worrying about protein so much. You will generate hyperplasia and hypertrophy by whatever methods you respond best to and practice.
    However, if you are going to exercise for 30 to even 40 days straight then rest for 10 days or exercise for 20 days straight then exercise 2-3 times a week for 2 months, focus on your protein. Protein is overrated in the sense that you are living like a bio-machine and and believe you need 0.63 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight everyday of the year. It's nonsense because you will always be inflating your tissue with water, carbohydrates, minerals and other nutrients on such a dedicated lifestyle.

    If however you stop exercising for say 6-8 months but maintain that protein intense diet that entire time, you will see little to almost no loss in size and strength for that period. Meanwhile had you maintained said diet and ramped up exercise for that duration while already reaching genetic potential, nothing of benefit would have happened!.

    Ultimately if your protein intake is hitting 100 grams a day 3-4 days a week, focus on intaking enough carbohydrates, or even fat, for energy to maintain your exercise levels. Once you hit approximate genetic potential your protein intake being under and over periodically is absolutely irrelevant. Your muscle longevity will rely more on usage than diet to tell your body to keep it.

  • i dont understand why skinny people cant eat more

  • I'm eating 8 meals a day and i'm lean enough to see my abs and veins. And 6 of those meals contain mostly carbs like oatmeal and pasta and i eat Some Canned tuna, eggs and yoghurt for my proteïn intake and sometimes meat. And fats i just add to my meals. I'm 16 years old and iam bigger than most teens at About 10 to 12% bodyfat. Iam still making gains but i sometimes think im eating too much carbs

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