Protein Pumpkin Muffins! Low Carb With Protein Recipe!

Full Recipe HERE:

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  • uuuu they look good..but can i add any protein? i dont have BSN =/

  • Can you make these with other protein powder? I'm assuming so ,thank you for this

  • Scott you remined me of the young version of
    Lochlyn Munro lol aka Greg out of scary movie haha

  • Dindu muffins!

  • I thought you were going to make Dindu Muffins.

  • Damn 91 calories per muffin is pretty sweet man, with almost 10gr of protein.

  • 1:19 .. hehe , our chef dreamed away, his thought were like
    "hmm.. Did I turn off the oven …. oh wait! video."

  • 5:55 'but wait, there's more!'

  • could you send me the recipies?

  • these sound awesome, macros on point!

  • Damn, it is really cool man. i am gonna try it

  • Looks so good:D. I do have some questions, we don't have Egg Whites in packs or Pure Pumpkin/ Pumpkin Pie Spice. How many "eggs" do i need and what should i take instead of Pumpkin?

    Thank you:D

  • What kind of stevia is that? 1/3 cup is so much!

  • ok Thx

  • I've been watching Scott's videos and others for more than 5 years now and have all the advice i need for working out. My meals however are horribly bland….healthy but bland. Videos like this get me really excited lol.
    Btw just to give an example, most days i have a meal of plain cut up chicken breast with a side of raw oats mixed with apple sauce and water….i dare you to try it.

  • Thanks for the share. Also I noticed yesterday you have a Twitch TV channel??? Hell yeah bro! Glad to see you're a fellow Smasher!

  • You know sweaters have a laxative effect…. Next time you're squating you're going to blast off….

  • I like how Scott doesn't bullshit us, but provides actual advice and help.

  • How many calories are in one of those?
    By the way thanks for the video

  • Scot can u do a healthy happy meal? It's for uuh…. the kids.

  • Finally a simple way to make something healthy and tasty. Tired of seeing other videos where they blabber about stuff they eat that is complicated and yet expensive. This is perfect.

  • Hey Scott I got a question some of the different videos you see the guys doing curls and what not curling the bars or barbells and they're swinging their chest forward what your opinion on that? do you think you should keep your chest and back straight and rigid or should you swing your chest forward and swing with the weights?
    Thanks dave

  • Thank You so much Bro!!! Respect for you!!!

  • Hi Scott i'm great fan of yours and i love your work. But i'm having a question were i hope you can help me out. The last months i'm getting Stretch marks also cald striae on my shoulder/armpit through my chest. It's still small and in that area is quit invincable but it's start to grow through my bicep and my chest. I have slowerd my training so i wouldn't getting keeping bigger so it might stop but it still expands. And i really want to start hitting the gym hard again. Have you anny idea what i can do about it? For the record i'm not using anything!!

  • Hey Scott, thnx for the recipe ! I think you should add a picture of the nutritional information at the end of the video next time ! thanx again !

  • Great video. MORE

  • My body transformation!

  • Great Vid!

  • I love these muffins. I gave this recipe to quite a few friends. Thanks for sharing it!

  • looks like shit no thanks buttmunch

  • Sure Bro!!!

  • Thanks, Scott. I don't like using Stevia. What is a substitute please?

  • Solid recipe, I only changed the Stevia to dark Agave syrup. You guys are helpful and informative, keep up the good work.

  • i invented this high protein muffin today: ground almond meat, quinoa flour, baking soda, eggs whites, coconut oil, coconut sugar, cinnamon and peanut butter! YUMMMY 😀

  • thanks for this! I'm about to make them

  • these look great!… anybody knows for how long can they be kept? either refrigerated or frozen