Photo Every Day Before and After Low Carb 8 weeks

EDIT: Update video for April is in the works, I do apologize but I was lazy with the pictures and working out since coming off of the diet… March 1st I started a new routine, Insanity Pylometric Cardio Circuit daily, combined with P90X’s regular schedule. March is the month where the real change will be seen. Wish me luck.

Jan 1st 2012 to March 1st 2012. Update video, 2 months in. Low carb diet (under 20g a day), with very little exercise 1-2x a week (basic lifting, crunches, push ups). Done with slimming down, now I’m going to bulk up. This month is going to be all about hitting the weights and eating big again.

Yes, I missed taking a picture here and there, but only a handful.

Song is Solar Sailer, Basic Slack Remix. It isn’t my song, but it is very awesome. All credit to the remix artist and Daft Punk.

  • hell yeah dude, congrats. doing the same thing here…hope it works…

  • @StephenC914 Thanks! It works if you don't cheat!

  • I like your video. Quick and to the point. You look great.

  • @misslilygish Thanks! Nobody wants to see a before and after vid that lasts 10 mins and has only 2 pics, haha.

  • Sorry I didn't see this sooner, it was marked as spam? I'll check out your vid, anything is possible!

  • Love this video!!! You look amazing! Congrats! I started today. What can I do to lose 15 pounds by July 1st Is that possible?

  • It works! Reducing carbs especially helps those who lack exercise. Excess carbs isn't the main issue, it's just the low physical activity. I lost weight while eating fast food a good number of times per week, but I had to work it off. Low carb just makes it easier!

  • Thank you! All I gotta say is you can't cheat! Losing 15lbs in a month sounds like a good goal. Drink lots of water, and if you can, a little exercise never hurts! The thinner you get, the slower it drops off though. Good luck!

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  • Great job man! I am starting today and seeing results like this only makes me want to commit even more to it!

  • I didn't see a difference day to day, but seeing the before picture was a shock when I stopped! Take a before and after, it helps motivate!

  • While I'm pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle, you're doing… ? Thank you for the laugh!

  • I noticed a difference in about 2 weeks, it really dropped off fast! How's your progress coming along?

  • Heck yeah! Nothing wrong with diet AND exercise! Thanks for the comment!

  • mor fats and more protein and meat make my face skin shine, I look better. I eat 40 to 60 grams of carbs a day. Eating 200 grams of carbs a day (bread, potatoes, sweets) makes me tired and look like a pig. I have more energy now. I look more healty and pretty.

  • I'm starting low carb tomorrow!(did it years ago) Loved your video.

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  • That's great progress for exercising twice a week and low carb for only 2 months. My advice to people on a low carb plan, don't go crazy peeing on a keto stick every day and weighing in every morning. It'll drive you nuts. Once a week is a good check. Stay consistent and you'll see it start to melt away. Good work man.

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  • Great Job dude!

  • A bit of tensing going on there? Just joking, great job.

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  • What was your diet plan?

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  • congratulations sir keep it up,

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  • That's awesome dude good job !!

  • Wow that's great

  • ketosis <3

  • rubbish!! he can lose much more weight in that 8 week period!!

  • that is badass bro im kinda at the poin where you started this gave me hope that i'll one day see my abs again

  • awesome work dude what,work outs did you do?

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