Part 2 of 3 My Low Carb Lifestyle-Limit Fruits?/Some Exercise?/Ketosis?/Weight Loss?

This is Part 2 of 3
Why Not Fruits?
As of July 2009
-50 lbs since I’ve been on eating Low Carb with very little exercise.
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This is about MY Life and MY experience

I talk about my own personal experience with fruits, please do not call ETF(ethical treatment of fruits) I am just telling you about how I am doing living without most fruits that are high in sugars and the roller coaster ride it caused me.

This is my time to share with you my experiences being on the low carb lifestyle and how I feel.

I take this time to talk about my new discoveries and how fruits and my body and why my weight loss has been successful. It didn’t happen over night, after many attempts, I finally found what works for me.

Check out Jimmy Moore’s site if you are interested in low carb product reviews and info.

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  • wow, this was seriously interesting. i definitely need to add more veggies in my diet!! … =D ~ hugs, katie

  • Bonnie, you're making me hungry in this video. I love fruits and I'll never give them up. You keep doing what you're doing and you'll look hotter than any Johnny Depp's girlfriends!

  • I am 51..didn't have a weight problem till about 2 years ago..and for me experimenting with my metabolism, I knew fruit sugars were a big no no for me, so the low glycemic fruits are my friends now..along with eating low carb veggie and good fats and proteins.
    thanks for watching.

  • thanks Kate, I eat the berries now and pass on the apple a day…now I stay balance with no hunger in between snack and meals…I stopped the nibbling…LOL

  • Thanks, I love that I adjusted really well to eating low carb, I really need to get back to doing exercise..and well…I will….no excuse..LOL

  • You sure do good with the low carbs. I have never been that low in a day.
    You do good planning. Planning = success.
    Raley's no hormone, organic beef has one of the best top sirloin steaks I have tasted.
    I use and love Stevia extract, pure stevia. Love it.
    Yes, removing foods that cause inflammation should really help. It sure has me.
    Hey, gone in mid sentence. darn

  • Thanks, I really don't eat any more fruits, except berries because they are low in sugars and carbs, most of my carbs come from veggies.

  • Great video! On to part three! 🙂

  • Msixpackabs plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries and or fruit of your choice is better than any yogurt

  • Bonnie we share similar stories with the arthritis etc. I'm start paleo living and low carbing. I'm staying less than 20 carbs daily and working out. I haven't found my happy medium yet still trying it out. I low carb because I have 90+% family members both sides with diabetics. Ik I'm insulin resistance so this works for me. Please review my weight loss pics n subscribe to me so we can motivate each other. I don't have a great camera but I will do a video with me one week in ketosis as of this

  • Sunday