Part 1 of 3 My Low Carb Lifestyle-Limit Fruits?/Some Exercise?/Ketosis?/Weight Loss?

50lbs gone since eating low carb!! EXPAND FOR MORE INFO-
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This is Part 1of 3
Why Not Fruits?
As of July 2009
-50 lbs since I’ve been on eating Low Carb with very little exercise.

This is about MY Life and MY experience

I talk about my own personal experience with fruits, please do not call ETF(ethical treatment of fruits) I am just telling you about how I am doing living without most fruits that are high in sugars and the roller coaster ride it caused me.

This is my time to share with you my experiences being on the low carb lifestyle and how I feel.

I take this time to talk about my new discoveries and how fruits and my body and why my weight loss has been successful. It didn’t happen over night, after many attempts, I finally found what works for me.

  • Bonnie you are looking wonderful!

    I gained 5lbs in 3 days just by making myself some limeade with real lime juice and splenda. I stopped the lime juice and have lost the 5lbs and an additional 2lbs!

  • Enjoy berries!! yum…and yum…

  • It works great for you. Counting calories does wonder for me. You look beautiful and you're doing awesome. Keep up the great work. =)

  • Grains were healthier when you were a child. They sure aren't anymore. They are to full of man made crap that our bodies can't digest, of course you know all that by now.
    I eat fruit, lots of it, to much sometimes, I don't lose when I do but I don't gain either. It is other crap that puts it on me, like M&M's, peanuts and dried fruit.
    You are a great inspiration. I love your videos.
    I want to eliminate more fruit. Down to two a day would be great for me.
    You made me want to try it.

  • gawd, I am one happy lady…I do believe that got this right…this year..:)

  • Thanks Margie
    I have a ways to go, so I am in need of doing everything I can to drop the weight, but still not suffer…LOL
    I think once I get into the maintenance phase, I will have learned so much more about my body..I am a M&M gal too…so many…temptations everywhere…

  • Hi Bonnie, first let me say that you look absolutely adorable. I love the CHANEL look on you. Thank you for sharing your low carb journey with us now on to part two.

  • Thank you, there is no need to comment, it just the knowing that you follow my journey, as I do yours, and I know we both have that enthusiasm to continue on , its hard and it's worth it, because we are taking control of our life and no matter what, we have support and motivation…thank you so much, take care 🙂

  • Hi, Bonnie. It's been a year and a half since this vid, and you're still battling the bulge. You've done a lot of studying on low-carb diets. But have you read from the other side?

    I'm a pro-carb eater, and here's my comments:

    The orange juice every morning isn't very good. Juice is refined from the fiber.

    You said "I ate stuff that said low-fat on the package" – The problem is "packaged". Processed, refined, cooked, altered food is where the problem lies – absorbs to fast


  • pt 2…..
    Fruits can be unhealthy IF you're also eating a lot of fat (the 2 get in each others way)

    So a high carb diet can be healthy, and weight often normalizes. And I think it's easier to stick to.

    Books about this way of eating are: "Fit for Live" and "The 80/10/10 diet".

  • @Gary1111001 You are a middle age male,(make a video explaining your TOTAL health benefits, more men, might get on board with your lifestyle. I appreciate your concerns- My blood sugar is normal, my cholesterol is normal, my mental state is not depressed, I'm 52- Only since I gained weight with menopause and Ebrel injections,I limit carb intake,sugar(s) is out of my life- I eat foods that don't impact my blood sugar.
    Watch my video on coconut oil-the wonder oil-I have giveaways this summer 🙂