Paleo 101: How To Get Enough Carbs On Paleo to fuel muscle growth and still lose fat

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Chris Cirullo here with! What’s up?! Welcome back to Thriving Physique TV. Today were continuing our Paleo 101 series where we’ll be talking about our diets being low in carbohydrates. One of the biggest concerns I hear regarding the paleo lifestyle is how difficult it is to get in the carbohydrates that you used to now that you have cut out grains. I mean, the food pyramid says I should be eating 40-60% of my calories from carbs! I’ve got news for you. The food pyramid was created by our government to drive agricultural growth by increasing consumption of more cheaply produced products like grains. Carbs are not necessary, at least not in the 40-60% of your intake kind of way like the pyramid says. Carbs are utilized by the body as an energy source, however, your body has a much more preferred energy source. Fat. We don’t gain fat because our body wants us to have difficulty fitting into our jeans every day. Our body stores it to be utilized, however, when we eat 40% of our daily caloric intake in carbohydrates, you will NOT see that fat become utilized for energy because the body says “naw, im good, i got plenty of sugar to run on”. Some people even claim that low carb can be detrement to your ability to think and feel alert. The truth is, going to a lower carb diet, will be hard. Your body is so set in using carbs for fuel it’ll take some time to reset and see fat as a viable option again. However, once you do, your energy levels and alertness will be back thriving. How? Our body actually loves to utilize ketosis; a simple process the body uses to down break fat and convert it into other useful things, like ketones, which are used by the brain in place of sugar from carbs, to fuel brain function. So if you’re using more fat for all these things without carbs, are you going to get leaner? YOU BET! However, as your body slowly depletes the carbs stored in the muscle, it will slow metabolism too. So once a week, go ahead, eat those carbs in the cheat meals that I’ve told you about, reset your metabolism, and refuel your muscles for the week ahead, then get back to eating clean and lower carb again. If you wanna hear more about cheat meals, watch my video titled THRIVING PHYSIQUE: Cheat meals. This will always keep you on the upswing with a booming metabolism, thats always shredding fat, and a physique like you wouldn’t believe. Personally I don’t do lengthy cardio sessions or caloric deficiets, Being Lower carb makes it easy to stay lean like this year round. And low carb can mean different things for different people. For me, i stay around 100-150 grams a day, for other, they may be as low as 25g. It all depends on your body and its response. So if you were worried about a low carb approach being a detriment to your muscle building goals and mental clarity, Don’t be, just remember our bodies are designed to use fat for fuel and are craving to do so, it just may take a week or two to adjust after a lifetime of feeding improperly. Be sure to click the thumbs up to like this video and hit subscribe below now so you don’t miss the rest of the videos in this series! Help us reach a 1000 people this month and share this video with friends and family! Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you next time where we’ll talk about Paleo foods and where to find the best recipes on the planet!

  • Just discovered the Paleo diet yesterday and today I am starting it. Your videos are very helpful. As a girl trying to get lean how many carbs should I eat in a day?

  • Love your videos! 

  • This is information that is accurate, intelligent, and what people need to know to get genuine results. It's amazing how many people think carbs are the only way to reach weight goals. Many of these people actually have less energy and need pre workout supps or tons of caffeine. I believe the body should be able to create a sufficient amount of energy to function/workout. Thank you for this information bro. Please continue to spread the truth.   

  • This is what happens when you don't give Americans passports.  They never get to go to China, Uganda, Kenya and the rest of South East Asia, see what they are eating and compare.  All high carb, leanest people on Earth, longest lived, lowest rates of obesity and many other diseases.  Watch this video again and compare the body to that of the people who work in the back room to your Chinese take-out. 

  • If your consuming 150 grams of carbs a day your not even close to being in ketosis

  • Not everyone can go without carb. I heed them for my thyroid to work right so I can loose wt. The truth is what works for one person is not the same for all. We all must find the balance that works for our individual bodies. It is not black and white as it is made to sound.

  • Thanks girl.