One Simple Tweak To Lose Fat Faster On A High Carb Low Fat Vegan Diet

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– Matt

  • This video is meant for me I swear hahaha just what I was needing! Ps awesome metaphor. I knew I had to use cronometer but I have been putting it off because I have been wanting to be naive

  • Did I miss the link for the training video you said you would link?

  • You should become a speaker, your words inspire, the way you talk inspires.

  • Hahahaha probe

  • I have gone up to 2100 calories but gain weight. Im 5'3 and currently 64kg. I lead an active lifestyle, but feel I don't push myself 100% all the time. I would like to get fitter, stronger and more toned, i.e fatloss. I'm currently trying calorie cycling, 2 days at 1700 calories and 1 at 2100 calories. Please Help. I've been vegan for nearly 2 years and HCLF for around 1 year.

  • HARD WORK AND DEDICATION! Good video, keep it up brah 😉 You got a new subscriber!

  • 2100 calories every day?! :O it's what I eat in two or three days

  • 2000 cal I gained weight the 2 last year so 2000 it's to much for me
    I gain 10kg and I don't lose it

  • Mark Hyman, M.D. says: below 10 times of your weight in calories pushes you to starvation mode. For example you are 130 lbs, your starvation mode kicks in if you eat less than 1300 cal. Just an information I wanted to pass on. You can watch his videos on YT!

  • Would you please give us an example day of eating about 2100 calories from whole foods with the ratio of 80% from carbs, 10% from protein and 10% from healthy fats? That would be super helpful.

  • Calories in vs calories out. Vegan calories aren't magical (especially not carbs!). Below 2100 is not a 'starvation' diet, where are you getting your statistics from? o_o

  • Thumbs up

  • What do you think about wheat germ ?

  • Thank you for your nice effort 🙂

  • WORD!!!!

  • Below 2100 calories equates to starvation mode? hahaha!

  • bri does high carb and low fat have an impact in testosterone ?

  • Great advice

  • I owe you a debt of gratitude. Your beginners guide video helped me successfully transition into a high carb low fat diet seven months ago! Thank you!!!

  • But I like fish so much, can I eat it without going out of track? 🙁 It is a high protein food

  • 80% carb? are you crazy man?

  • Isn't it an analogy not a metaphor?