NUTRITION: Fat Loss vs Muscle Building | Full Day of Eating | GAMES 2 GAINZ Ep 14

GAMES 2 GAINS Episode 14: This is a Full Day of Eating…with a twist! Follow Kerby, Mike and me as we each vlog our meals for an entire day. Kerby is on a Bulking plan to build muscle, Mike is on a carb cycling fat loss plan to get lean, while maintaining muscle, and I’m just on a lean muscle maintenance nutrition plan.
We cover everything including all of our meals, macros, protein shakes, supplements, what to eat….and what not to eat.

James Grage
The Muscle Geek

  • What were those small pearl like ovules 4-5 of them that you had?

  • On the subject of the eggs, I like whole eggs and I have family that raises chickens and gathers their eggs, so all the eggs are FRESH. Now is it really that harmful in building/bulking to eat the yokes in eggs?
    I have family that does compost too so anything that I throw out that's food related besides meats go to the compost pile.
    Should I start separating the whites and the yokes?

  • Eating that much protein is complete waste of money and testesterone. Yes testesterone If u consume even half as much protein as these guys are your body has to produce lots of nitrogen whiling breaking it down, then you piss it and testesterone out. I DON['T have the study linked but google it.

  • Dudes got a god damn Back to the Future DeLorean for a cabinet. hahahah

  • This Guys house is balling af

  • Loved this video bro lol

  • Oh, really. Eggs from the cartoon ๐Ÿ™ so healthy..

  • Wtf these guys call that work?

  • Picasso spoon. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. That's really cool what u doing with ur co workers. Sweet! ๐Ÿค™

  • what the f with those ass lasy peopel in the video

  • Coffee + Chocolate protein powder. Yum.

  • I always start a day with a beer then breakfast then another beer then lunch then another beer then snack aka second lunch then when I get home YES you guessed it ANOTHER beer with dinner then another beer with second dinner. Sometimes I eat more dinner at 12 am

  • Why hasn't ON bought you guys out for a nice sum already? You're obviously formidable.

  • Ok, so my personal trainer put me on a meal plan… the whole 3 egg whites in the morning with 1 whole egg. My personal trainer said she just cracks the egg and ditches the yoke with no consequence. I, like you, bought the green box of egg whites, BECAUSE I didn't want the waste. My grandmother who is 97 (will be 98 in Aug. 2017), would chase me out of the kitchen with a fly swatter to my back side if she saw me waste an egg yoke (she lived through the depression, you don't waste food, that one egg yoke could have saved an entire neighborhood -in her mind). So, I thought I was being smart by getting the green box…but If you really think about it, where did the egg yokes go from the making of the box of egg whites? I really hope the egg yokes, from the egg white factory, went to a good cause…egg nog anyone? Anyway, back to my long winded question's…I saw the sodium content on the box 80 mg….Dang it. So my question is, is the 80 mg, per serving, or the entire container? I did check the whole egg carton and 1 egg contains 70 mg's of sodium. I googled sodium in the egg white and it is 55 mg. We try to limit our sodium to 1500 mg a day, and hopefully less if at all possible. Trust me you think 80 mg is no big deal, but by the end of the day, that stuff adds up fast. So in the long run which one would be the better choice? Eggs pre-packaged in a box, or whole eggs in the carton?

  • When do you take your anabola?

  • everyone who says "malk" instead of "milk" say aye

  • James what the hell do you do? You have my dream kitchen

  • to truely eat healthy , start with cutting animal products ๐Ÿ™‚

  • what do u do for a living??? look at that pad..

  • How do you function on 5 hours of sleep?

  • those guys are goofy as hell๐Ÿ˜‚

  • you only sleep 5hrs?

  • What vitamins do you take?

  • 9:39 lmao you damm right

  • That amount aint gonna hurt nothing….geez. It is all about balance…If you eat something bad…eat something good next.

  • skinny guy needs to eat more. He look like he about dead.

  • Hey Steve, how you doing?… Damn right!

  • How many whole eggs are Ok to eat in one day

  • I like this guy because he's so laid back, and seems like a good dude. Not a cocky arrogant know it all steroid injecting prick like Marc Lobliner.

  • Whats in the tuna?

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  • please tell me where do you buy your protien powder?andv why that kind? I'am Really trying to eat healthy but I don't think I'm not eating enough or eating protien.

  • Peanut butter jelly time. That was good.

  • man bro that tuna looks great , would like to know the recipe though.

  • Give a thumbs up if this comment was helpful! In my experience, if you're going to build muscle you should be eating around six small meals everyday. Keep in mind though, these meals have to be healthy. That can be hard to do some times so check this post out for more help: